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white Tag

Tito Ortiz and Hulk Hogan are two vile bleached blondes who share an extreme hatred for Blacks / African-Americans
Please click here to sign a petition requesting that Viacom terminate their contracts and ties with Tito Ortiz immediately.   Alexandra Mayers commentary: What many fail to realize is that a racist doesn’t necessarily hate EVERY race aside from their own… Often times racists are “selective racists” (meaning that they embody an extreme hatred, or fear, of one particular ethnicity, while retaining neutrality in regards to their feelings of other ethnicities). I consider “selective racists” to be the most dangerous types of racists because they often are not perceived as beingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It seems as though we’re only a few days away from the announcement of the Courtney Stodden sextape or porn feature.  I personally feel that the world is witnessing an instance of sexual slavery in this situation. At some point, every adult over the age of 35 attached to this young woman both prior to her marriage and post, will be held accountable to some degree in regards to her fate. Courtney looks rather unsure and unhappy in the majority of these photos – look closely atRead More