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Donald and Ivana Trump in the 80's
Alexandra Mayers commentary: Earlier this week, TheDailyBeast .com posted an article that Donald Trump’s ex wife, Ivana Trump, stated “Donald Trump made me feel ‘violated’ during sex”. Since the article was posted, there has been a media frenzy in regards to whether or not Donald Trump should be defined as a “rapist”, considering the details of the incident. In addition, one of Trump’s attorneys, Michael Cohen, had the nerve to state that “you can’t rape your spouse” (a comment that particular attorney has since apologized for). It appears that asRead More
***Update: Click here for Christy Mack’s statement as to what exactly happened and click here for (graphic) photos of her injuries. An Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Yesterday morning I heard the news of a horrific, but not surprising, situation between pornstar Christy Mack and pornstar / MMA fighter Jonathon Koppenhaver aka War Machine.  Christy (and another unnamed victim) was allegedly assaulted in her home by War Machine resulting in a broken jaw and eye socket.  As of current Christy is in the hospital and has stated that she isRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Early this morning I received the jaw dropping email posted below from a 22 year old pornstar by the name of Karmen Karma. In the email,  Karmen tells a horrific account of nearly being strangled to death by a 101 modeling employee by the name of Kyle Breul. I requested for Karmen to give me a call this afternoon prior to my posting this blog to ensure that she understood that she may receive a certain level of backlash from porn industry “professionals” whoRead More
Monica Foster commentary: According to the 2 tweets posted below by @Andy_TaylorXXX it was indeed he who allegedly attacked a 53 year old woman on a plane…he simply chalks it up to “drama” and he claims he was “harassed and reacted to it”. So 53 year old women are harassing young gay pornstars now? Interesting…   spotted on Queerty It looks like up-and-coming gay-porn actor Andy Taylor may have been arrested at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport after he assaulted a woman on a US Airways flight on Saturday. WBTV reports that SouthRead More