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Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Early this morning I received the jaw dropping email posted below from a 22 year old pornstar by the name of Karmen Karma. In the email,  Karmen tells a horrific account of nearly being strangled to death by a 101 modeling employee by the name of Kyle Breul. I requested for Karmen to give me a call this afternoon prior to my posting this blog to ensure that she understood that she may receive a certain level of backlash from porn industry “professionals” whoRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Upon initially reading this article I couldn’t stop laughing.  If you listen to Friday’s webcast of he really breaks Mark Spiegler’s claims down… I have to wonder why Spiegler opted to even say anything being that his statements raise more questions in the public sphere than most would have thought to ask. Regardless of Mark Spiegler’s claims, LEGAL LOOPHOLES have been utilized by “professionals” in the porn industry in regards to Richard Nanula being able to gain access to Los Angeles porn industry talent.  “Private” shootsRead More
Monica Foster commentary: The Richard Nanula sex scandal from my perspective has proven exactly what is wrong with the Los Angeles porn industry…not only in regards to the organized crime run illegal prostitution and escorting rings (of which the Los Angeles porn industry is currently built upon), but in regards to “industry spokesmen” such as Mike South and porn studios such as Wicked Pictures who appear to be  turning of a BLIND EYE to such activity (see the blog post by Gene Ross of below). Please take the time toRead More
A Monica Foster thought: I’ve debated for a few days whether or not to touch this issue, but considering how well I know not only how the Porn and Hollywood entertainment industries work, but how the world works in general – I’ve decided to tackle this news item – not just to try to bring some awareness and insight to the Jackson clan – but to all the parents and relatives of teen girls. I believe Kim Kardashian may directly be a strong and negative personal influence in the lifeRead More