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Monica Foster commentary: Safaree needs to just come clean and admit he pays to play IF he indeed does… Charlie Sheen had no problem coming clean (or should I say dirty). I met Beauty Dior a few years back when I was cast in the porn parody of Flavor of Love – Flavor of Lust (check out the video clip from the movie at the end of this post)… From what I got to know of miss Dior…this eye witness testimony of Sara Percy sounds pretty legit. article spotted on PerezHilton Read More
Monica Foster commentary: MARK MY WORDS – This isn’t the end for Kacey…it’s only the beginning. I decided to post some of her recent youtube videos below this article – for those of you who aren’t aware, over the past few months Kacey got a nose job, shaved her head (admitedly she had a “Britney Spears” moment), started sporting a purple wig and appeared to have attempted suicide LIVE on Ustream (I saw the feed and it concluded with what appeared to be 2 cops coming in who after aboutRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I can relate quite well to Lindsay Lohan. She’s a young woman that countless old white men with small penises lust after but don’t have a chance in hell to ever speak to (let alone fuck), so they stalk, slander and defame her…PUBLICLY.  When you’re a beautiful and talented person who refuses to be controlled, you have it rough…but in the end you’re a better person because you’re a person walking the path of Jesus Christ. 2013 will be a far better year for Lindsay. To thoseRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It seems as though we’re only a few days away from the announcement of the Courtney Stodden sextape or porn feature.  I personally feel that the world is witnessing an instance of sexual slavery in this situation. At some point, every adult over the age of 35 attached to this young woman both prior to her marriage and post, will be held accountable to some degree in regards to her fate. Courtney looks rather unsure and unhappy in the majority of these photos – look closely atRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Now Nick Cannon is a guy I’d love to interview oneday, mainly because I personally need to reach some understanding as to exactly HOW he’s managed to enter relationships with such amazing women. I mean lets get real here, whether you love or love to hate Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey – there’s no denying that they are TOP TIER women. What is it about Nick Cannon that I’m unable to see? …well, then again what was it that I THOUGHT I saw within the guy IRead More
Monica Foster commentary: No comment on this news item…I’m just smirking.  At this stage I’m accepting starting salary offers of a minimum of 1 million (give me Ian Sommerhalder for the year and you can knock 30% off that amount). courtesy (again this is a REAL news item…here’s another source: Because Dottie Sandusky needed something to bake into a cake this holiday season and/or re-electing a secret Muslim president that shoots hurricanes out of his eyes isn’t enough for God to bathe us all in a lake of fire, the fineRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Now THIS is interesting…but I have a feeling it’s only the beginning. This is Tila’s new site: – I watched quite a few of her videos, but unfortunately due to her consistent self promotion of her “tour” I can’t take her seriously at this stage or completely believe her. I would suggest to Tila to take some time out to really get in tune with her beliefs, awareness and spirituality before she continues. Throughout Tila’s videos, I hear a lot of “I”, “My” and “Me” – I hopeRead More
  Monica Foster commentary: Eva Angelina is back and has a new look once more…and it looks hauntingly like pornstar Skin Diamond. I suppose she is the NEW Skin Diamond (2.0  per say?) . I hate to admit it, but this is actually the best I’ve seen her look in a while – it’s definitely an improvement over when she had blonde hair a short time ago. I wonder if Eva is aware however, that her hairstyle seems to attract beatings – be it from psycho boyfriends or… IRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Well, I suppose today is the start of the end of society as we know it. This is a giant slap in the face to every single university student who busts their ass to climb the ladder into politics to rub elbows with the decision makers of this world. Forget about getting your college degree, just become a pornstar, fuck a bunch and you get to meet and hang out with world leaders! Below are photos from tonight of Bill Clinton with pornstars Brooklyn Lee , Tasha Reign and anotherRead More
  Monica Foster commentary: I don’t have to say much in regards to this situation…do I? I wonder which porn paroddy director has gotten a head start on the XXX adaptation of this flick… Remember Hollywood Actor folk…if you don’t play the XXX parody game with the Los Angeles porn industry they’ll send sex scandal and Gloria Allred after you. from the desk of Desi Foxx on Posted Thursday May 17, 2012 6:29 PM GMT Ladies, you might find yourself wanting a copy of June’s Playboy issue because noneRead More