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via  It appears we will need to wait a while longer to find out whether more than two millennia of thinkers and explorers — from Aristotle and Ferdinand Magellan, to Neil deGrasse Tyson and John Glenn — have been wrong about the shape of the Earth. “Mad” Mike Hughes, limousine driver and self-proclaimed flat-Earther, announced that he had to delay his plan to launch himself 1,800 feet high in a rocket of his own making. The launch, which he has billed as a crucial first step toward ultimately photographing our disc-world from space,Read More
Alexandra Mayers social commentary: It was reported this week, that pornstar August Ames has passed away.  The circumstances of her death are currently still unclear, but gossip and rumors on social media are pointing towards her death being a suicide which may have been prompted by her being victimized by a “troll storm” (not unlike what a Montana Jewish woman named Tanya Gersh was the recipient of by the founder of a neo-nazi website named Andrew Anglin – a man who Gersh has since filed a lawsuit against and whoRead More
Commentary: What’s interesting about is that inadvertently it has become one of the internet’s greatest resources in regards to the revealing of exactly who is stealthily working in adult entertainment “underground” of major metropolis’s social scenes. A quick search on the website of the user submitted posts educates any reader as to each city’s pimps, madams and escorts. article below via  Nik Richie has changed his ways, all thanks to the nation’s new first lady, Melania Trump. Shayne Lamas‘ husband shared his latest revelations with Radar this week, revealing new plans forRead More
Additional information about Andrew Anglin’s legal team can be found by clicking here. article below via The founder of a popular neo-Nazi website who was sued after he called on his readers and followers to “troll storm” a Jewish Realtor from Montana is arguing that his actions are protected by free speech. Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer, has asked a federal court in Montana to dismiss a lawsuit that Tanya Gersh filed against him last spring. In court records filed last week, Anglin’s attorneys said that the FirstRead More
Josef Schuster
via Jewish leader: Anti-Semitism growing in Germany Josef Schuster says far-right nationalists, Muslims immigrants and leftists often disguise their bigotry as criticism of Israel BERLIN (AP) — The head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews said Wednesday that anti-Semitism is growing in the country, causing concern for a community that is otherwise blossoming more than seven decades after the Holocaust. Josef Schuster said at a reception of the American Jewish Committee in Berlin on Wednesday that Jews in Germany fear the increased anti-Semitism of far-right nationalists, Muslims immigrants and leftists,Read More
britney spears 01
via Isn’t she lucky? On Saturday, Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari helped make her 36th birthday extra special. The fitness model went all out putting together elaborate birthday decorations for the pop star, which included a romantic candle-filled room, a tiny table covered in cupcakes, a “Happy Birthday” balloon, and a collection of rose petals arranged in the shape of a heart on the floor.Read More
colin kaepernick
A common argument we hear these days is that Colin Kaepernick isn’t good enough to play in the NFL. This is absolutely not true. via SBnation.comRead More
via PinkNews  Less than a week after Keith Harris was found dead in his home in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, his gay porn star boyfriend has been pronounced missing, having not been seen since the murder. Harris, 48, was found dead from stab wounds. He was discovered by Paul Novales, the manager of the apartment block, on Thursday, November 2. Novales told the Bay Area Reporter he knocked on Harris’ door because he hadn’t been seen in a couple of days, and went inside when there was no response. He said thatRead More
meghan markle

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Who is Meghan Markle?

Via CNN CNN’s Stephanie Elam takes a look at Meghan Markle’s life before her engagement to Prince Harry. Source: CNNRead More
stephen greer 01

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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Dr. Steven Greer! 5/12/17

What’s the most interesting thing about this interview, is that Steven Greer mentions that over the years he’s found that an organized crime syndicate is behind the UFO coverup. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Steven Macon Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American retired traumatologist and ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of allegedly suppressed UFO information.Read More