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Nik Richie cleans up – a top source that outs pimps, madames & escorts

Commentary: What’s interesting about is that inadvertently it has become one of the internet’s greatest resources in regards to the revealing of exactly who is stealthily working in adult entertainment “underground” of major metropolis’s social scenes. A quick search on the website of the user submitted posts educates any reader as to each city’s pimps, madams and escorts.

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Nik Richie has changed his ways, all thanks to the nation’s new first lady, Melania Trump.

Shayne Lamas‘ husband shared his latest revelations with Radar this week, revealing new plans for his popular website,

“For ten years, I created a massive following giving people the opportunity to voice and submit as a third party,” the 37-year-old blogger king told Radar of his original vision. “It wasn’t until I watched Melania Trump’s speech and her stance on cyberbullying [that I had a realization]. I asked myself, ‘As a father am I doing what’s right for my family or this country?’ I looked in the mirror and had my wake up call. Am I part of the problem or solution? I am the problem.”

Now, Richie is making big changes with his business.

“My website was built on humor but it guided down a path of hate,” he said. “That’s not me or how I want my legacy to end. My passion has always been to break stories that shift our culture for the better i.e. Anthony Weiner. My intention was never to have people bully one another.”

“I truly believe if Melania Trump can change me, we can all be better,” Richie added. “I’m committed to making a fiber of mainstream media and no longer an institution of cyberbullying.”


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