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Jennifer O’Kane states to the Pahrump, Nevada DA that Dennis Hof RAPED her

Jennifer O'Kane on Twitter @CalicoClub123

Jennifer O’Kane on Twitter @CalicoClub123

As of the week of October 21, 2016 the United State’s law enforcement system & government are now officially aware (via Jennifer O’Kane’s official statement to the Pahrump, Nevada District Attorney) that legal brothel owner Dennis Hof is facing serious allegations of rape.

In an exclusive interview with Jennifer O’Kane (Calico Club legal brothel owner, business woman & women’s rights activist), investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers has learned that O’Kane not only has given her official statement to a Pahrump, NV District Attorney in regards to the multiple rapes she allegedly suffered at the hands of Dennis Hof, in addition Jennifer O’Kane is CALLING FOR OTHER WOMEN TO COME FORWARD IN REGARDS TO DENNIS HOF’S ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

Jennifer O'Kane

Jennifer O’Kane

Jennifer O’Kane has stated, “I want these girls to know I did it and everything is fine.” 

Jennifer O’Kane will be on a live radio show next Tuesday, and would like for other women who may have been victimized by Dennis Hof to join her as guests on the show (victims may remain anonymous).

If you have been victimized by Dennis Hof, and would like to get in contact with Jennifer to tell your story and seek justice, Jennifer can be reached at 775-455-7072

Below is a statement Jennifer O’Kane recently delivered at a speaking engagement in regards to Dennis Hof:

Thank you for allowing me to address you today. My name is Jennifer Lynn O’Kane.

I began working at the Love Ranch formally known as the Cherry Patch, as a legal prostitute in 2011. What I did was negotiate a contract between myself and my client. Sex for hire was my job.

The first night that I became legal, was the beginning of my nightmare. The owner Dennis Hoff – wanted me for sex. I didn’t want it, I didn’t like it nor was I paid for it and he did not use a condom. It was not part of my job. I wasn’t given a choice. I was raped repeatedly and still expected to work. Whatever Dennis Hoff wanted, he took. He did not ask, I did not consent. I was told that I did not have a choice. If I resisted, I was physically intimidated, pushed around and grabbed by the throat. When I went to the madam of the house for help, I was told “he does it all the time, get use to it”. This happened on more than one occasion. It was a very difficult time. I was ordered to keep quiet about this so the other girls in the house did not know what was going on.

Legal prostitutes get tested every week for STDs. Well after being repeatedly abused by this man, who would not use a condom: I tested positive for an STD. It turned out to be a false positive but he had to get tested also as a result of my test. I was being raped by a man who did not care about the consequences. Who did not treat me as an independent contractor or a working girl. He is a man who thinksln that he is above the law.


I had been in other sales careers for 22 years, working with men and women who were my coworkers or supervisors. I had never experienced this kind of sexual harassment and knew that it was not right. This was sexual harassment of the worst kind. It was rape, harassment and intimidation by a man who thought he could get away with it. I went to the Nye County Sheriffs department  – But they dismissed my allegations. The injustice of what was happening to me was very clear but I needed to work.

People may not think that prostitutes can be raped: but a sales contract is a sales contract whether you’re selling a car, a home or your body. So to rape me as a “perk” of being the owner of the business was no different than it would have been in any other working situation.

Whether you want to call this sexual harassment or just plain rape, it happened. It happened to me, it is happening to others who are afraid to come forward for fear of being hurt, losing their income or being sued. I’m speaking to you in hopes that others will come forward. That you will see the wrongs that were done to me by this man and stop it from happening anymore.

There are many of us out there and so many of us have been intimidated into silence. My partner was sent a letter from Dennis Hoff’s attorney, asking for him to “reign me in”. Reign me in from what is the question- from standing up for myself? For making the public aware of what happened to me? For speaking out, so others will come forward?

I ask today ladies and gentlemen that you carefully consider what I have said. Prostitutes can be raped and many of them have been or are being raped by this man.

Thank You

As of current, Dennis Hof appears to be abusing the legal system in effort to silence Jennifer O’Kane.  Below is a legal threat received by someone who Dennis Hof’s legal council appears to believe is Jennifer O’Kane’s “employer”.  O’Kane has informed exclusively that she is not employed by the person this legal threat addresses.

Dennis Hof legal threat to Jennifer O'Kane in effort to silence her and inhibit her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS

Dennis Hof legal threat to Jennifer O’Kane in effort to silence her and inhibit her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS

Dennis Hof legal threat to Jennifer O'Kane in effort to silence her and inhibit her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS (part 2)

Dennis Hof legal threat to Jennifer O’Kane in effort to silence her and inhibit her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS (part 2)

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