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Kendra Wilkinson’s Dad needs to wake up – Hugh Hefner is essentially a PIMP

kendra wilkinson dadAlexandra Mayers commentary:  I don’t like one bit how this is being presented.  From my perspective, Hefner did not “rescue” Kendra.  He exploited her to the highest degree, cultivated a warped sense of reality within her and in the end essentially sold her off to an incredibly dysfunctional and dishonest man (who’s sexual exploits humiliated Kendra).

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It’s not a sentiment every father would have, but Kendra Wilkinson‘s dad Eric is utterly grateful to Hugh Hefner for taking in his daughter.

“When I wasn’t there, he was the guy that was taking care of you,” Eric says in an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s Kendra on Top.

Kendra and Eric reconciled last season after spending decades apart. “It’s crazy how things come full circle,” Kendra says in the clip after inviting her dad and his new fiancée Amy to the Playboy Mansion’s famous Midsummer Night’s Dream party, which she calls the “coolest, most glamorous” Playboy event of the year.

“The party is secondary to me,” Eric says. “I couldn’t imagine going without you guys, and the fact that we get a chance to bond together, it’s really really important to me.”

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