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Hulk Hogan and Tito Ortiz are not just racist… Both have connections to the Hells Angels – a biker gang involved in sex trafficking!

Alexandra Mayers commentary: Last month mainstream media revealed to the public the transcript of entertainer Hulk Hogan’s racist rant in regards to African-Americans / Blacks. Along with Hogan referring to Blacks by utilizing the derogatory term “niggers”, he has stated that in his view, it was unacceptable for his daughter Brooke (who has since attempted to trivialize her father’s racial slurs) to have sexual relations with Black men unless they were extensively successful and/or wealthy.

Tito Ortiz and Hulk Hogan are two vile bleached blondes who share an extreme hatred for Blacks / African-Americans

Tito Ortiz and Hulk Hogan – both are affiliated with the Hells Angels (a biker-club / gang known to be attached to both drug and sex trafficking).

Immediately upon the details of Hogan’s racist language and ideals circulating in both the mainstream media and online via social networking, the WWE promptly scrubbed his likeness from their website and has reportedly severed ties with Hogan.  Ironically however, Hogan appears to have attained the support of a few big name celebrities – most notably the well known mixed martial arts Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz.

On the surface, it might appear rather strange that Tito Ortiz, a man who falls under the umbrella of being a “person of color” would come to the aid of a man who’s ideals reflect that of the Neo-Nazi “white pride” movement…however upon close analysis of Ortiz’s history (which I outlined in a previous post), Ortiz has had a trackable history of distancing himself from Blacks / African-Americans.

Aside from Hulk Hogan and Tito Ortiz embodying racist ideals (or should I say an apparent disdain) towards Blacks / African-Americans, there is another far more important commonality that Hogan and Ortiz share, that for some reason mainstream media has neglected to report on or explore…

The Hell's Angels is considered an organized crime syndicate by the U.S. Department of Justice according to wikipedia

The Hells Angels is considered an organized crime syndicate by the U.S. Department of Justice according to wikipedia

Both Hulk Hogan and Tito Ortiz are affiliated with a biker club (which is often referred to as a gang) known to be attached to both drug and sex trafficking, known as the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels is considered an organized crime syndicate by the U.S. Department of Justice according to wikipedia.

For my readers who are not familiar with the Hells Angels, (according to wikipedia) they claim not to be a racially segregated organization, although at least one chapter allegedly requires that a candidate be a white male. Sonny Barger stated in a BBC interview in the year 2000 (at that time the club didn’t have any Black members) that “The club, as a whole, is not racist but we probably have enough racist members that no black guy is going to get in it”.

As you can see in the video above, Hulk Hogan has maintained a friendly relationship with the Hells Angels despite their reputation of racism, sexism and for controlling the sex-trade and sex trafficking rings (read for additional info).  Hogan has even showcased their organization to the mainstream media via the WCW (in 1999).  As of late (in 2009), Hulk Hogan has kneeled before the Hells Angels hierarchy and apologized for an allegedly “threatening” phone message he left someone supposedly as a joke.

Hogan has stated that he has “respect” for the Hells Angels, but one must wonder exactly HOW and WHY he would have respect for an organization considered to to be an organized crime syndicate by the United States government? Is Hogan insane or simply evil? Does he not understand how many young women’s lives sex trafficking destroys? Is Hogan somehow blind to the fact that nearly weekly, Hells Angels members make mainstream news headlines for their criminal activity? recently reported that Biker Gangs (such as the Hells Angels) are SERIOUS Criminal Enterprises – so the question is, why is mainstream media network Viacom conducting business with Tito Ortiz (a man who apparently is directly associated with Hells Angels members and supporters)?

Tito Ortiz with Hell's Angels member Sean Wolfe (who was convicted of cocaine trafficking)

Tito Ortiz with Hell’s Angels member Sean Wolfe (who was convicted of cocaine trafficking)

According to the blog GangstersOut – UFC competitor Tito Ortiz  was spotted partying with a Hells Angels member by the name of Sean Wolfe (before he was convicted of cocaine trafficking) in a Hells Angels clubhouse.

Though MMA fan chatter has been perplexed by Ortiz’s connection to Wolfe (it was long speculated that the Hells Angels didn’t like Latinos), Ortiz’s history with and connection to Hells Angels members and affiliates is explained in further detail in the Las Vegas Review Journal ( In a Jan. 22, 2010 affidavit filed by DEA Special Agent Kevin Boleky, an undercover investigation found evidence of one of Ortiz’s associate’s (Wayne Harriman) involvement in the drug trafficking activities of Hells Angels affiliates.

One must wonder whether or not Ortiz was already a part of or attempting to join the sex trafficking recruitment “arm” of the Hells Angels via his relationship with former pornstar Jenna Jameson.  Though Jameson has made it

The UFC is more of Amber Nichole Miller's family than Tito Ortiz is. That's why Amber can't let the UFC go. Those 2 little boys have a mother named Jenna Massoli aka Jenna Jameson.

Is Tito Ortiz and his live in red carpet escort Amber Nichole Miller attempting to groom Jenna Jameson’s sons to join the Hells Angels – an organizations considered an organized crime syndicate by the US department of Justice?

clear several years ago that she is retired from the adult entertainment industry, it appeared while Jameson was with Ortiz – he attempted to link himself and his company to the world of adult entertainment. It has been speculated that Jameson was Ortiz’s “key” into the high ranks of the Hells Angel’s sex-trafficking operations (view to learn more). It seems as though Ortiz may have become aggressive (and possibly violent) towards Jameson when he realized that she wasn’t willing to return to the world of adult entertainment in effort to assist in his recruitment of young women to Hells Angels controlled (and affiliated) adult entertainment ventures.

The Hells Angels are not just active within the United States of America…they are an international organization who have been reported to be involved in a multitude of countries (Germany, Turkey, etc). Mainstream media outlets should not promote and glorify men such as Hulk Hogan and Tito Ortiz who are not only affiliated with organized crime groups such as the Hells Angels – but who openly state to the press that they have “respect” for such gangs.

Honestly, upon learning the truth of who the Hells Angels really are – I’ve begun to wonder if Jenna Jameson (who is fighting for custody of her twin boys) is in actuality attempting to save her son’s from a life of being indoctrinated (and enslaved) by organized crime… In addition I wonder if the Hells Angels have infiltrated the UFC and issued threats to key UFC figures within the organization (such as Dana White) considering Ortiz’s recent statement to the press that the UFC “will crumble from the inside”…

I suppose only time will tell.



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