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Diana fka Desi Foxx is back & better than ever as The Auditor of PITV Connecting The Pervs!

Alexandra Mayers commentary: Independent Investigative Blogger and Former pornstar Diana fka Desi Foxx is back and better than ever as THE AUDITOR of her PITV webcast Connecting the Pervs. Make sure you follow her website that started the revolution: 

the auditorIn this episode Diana discusses Bill Cosby, Florida State University Football FSU, Music industry, gangs, Nicki Minaj, obscenity, Kanye West, Australia, Ruby Rose, Floyd Mayweather, Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Satanic Temple, Faith Based Consumer, #CosmoHarmsMinors, #DoesYourHotelKnow,, Hustler, Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Dennis Hof, Marc Bell, Penthouse, Tasha Reign, My Little Pony, Legalized prostitution, Jon Stewart, and the Daily Show.

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