Mark Spiegler’s PR man & stalker for hire Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL still blames Monica Foster for all his problems

Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’m not sure whether to view this as comical, or down right pathetic…

activist Shelley Lubben has stated that porn is sextrafficking so agent Mark Spiegler IS a sextrafficker.

activist Shelley Lubben has stated that porn is sextrafficking so agent Mark Spiegler IS a sex trafficker.

Porn agent & sex trafficker Mark Spiegler‘s PR man and stalker for hire, a pornstar fanboi turned blogger named Sean Matthew Tompkins, STILL blames my pornstar persona (Monica Foster) for all his problems…kind of like the character in my soon to be released animated series “Stalker Stan”.

fat sean tompkins

This is Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL. Just a below average overweight guy obsessed with pornography.

For some reason Tompkins is under the impression that I’m the only ex pornstar and blogger who’s ever exposed his criminal activity and bad behavior.  If Tompkins were to open his eyes, he’d have noticed that just a few weeks ago veteran porn industry blogger Mike South posted a piece about Sean Tompkins’ lack of professionalism and deceitfulness.  In addition anti porn activist Desi Foxx as of current has around 20 posts on her blog about Sean Tompkins’ stalking activity.

Sean Tompkins tweets about Monica Foster (me) whenever possible & pretends to know things about her he doesn't. For example, I don't pay weekly rent.  I live in a house.

Sean Tompkins tweets about Monica Foster (me) whenever possible & habitually makes up lies. For example, I don’t pay rent weekly. I’ve always lived in an apartment or home with an annual lease.

In addition Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox has posted articles about Sean Tompkins admitting to being involved in criminal activity such as murders.  Even the man who Tompkins idolizes, Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long has written extensively about Sean Tompkins’s history.

I suppose if Sean Tompkins’ ex wife Vantrese Camiso were to assess this situation (she has the skill to do so considering that she was, at least at one time, a Pastoral Counselor), she’d most likely come to the conclusion that Sean Tompkins simply had a crush on me for years prior to his involvement in the Pornwikileaks event…then utilized Pornwikileaks to attempt to get close to me…and then in the end after I rejected his proposal of meeting in person, grew angry and has sought revenge ever since (being that he’s had the mentality of “if I can’t have you no one will” starting in his early 20s).

As of current the majority of porn and adult entertainment industry professionals have come to realize that both Sean Tompkins and his partner Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre aren’t just bad news, but documented criminals as well, so sooner rather than later, I expect their little porn industry gossip website venture to crumble like the walls of Jericho.

walla of jericho aka TRPWL

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