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Every tweet Amber Nichole Miller makes is essentially a direct slap to Dana White & the UFC’s face

Amber Nichole Miller hasn't been a ring girl for almost 10 years

Amber Nichole Miller hasn’t been a ring girl for almost 10 years

Alexandra Mayers commentary: It was brought to my attention a few months ago that mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, along with his personal and professional associates, may have been involved in intense stalking, harassment and bullying directed towards international celebrity and entertainer Jenna Jameson. I decided to launch an independent investigation into the matter and along with attaining solid evidence pointing to Ortiz AND his live in red carpet escort Amber Nichole Miller being the core of the source of the negative online harassment Jenna Jameson AND her friends have had to endure for months, I’ve also uncovered what I believe to be an unprofessional and extraordinarily unethical business and marketing strategy that I believe not only Tito Ortiz and Amber Nichole Miller are behind, but that Bellator’s publicity team itself may be directly involved in.

ufc ringgirl career 01In today’s media sphere, effective marketing is the lifeline of every form of entertainment. From Hollywood movies, to network sitcoms, to professional sports – and most importantly INTERACTIVE marketing via social networking is KEY – which brings us to the primary topic of this particular post: Amber Nichole Miller aka @ufcAmberNichole (on Twitter) – a former UFC ring girl who has NOT BEEN A UFC RING GIRL FOR CLOSE TO 10 YEARS.

After analyzing the situation and circumstance surrounding Amber Nichole Miller, I’ve come to the following conclusion: It’s time for Amber Nichole Miller to do one of two things.  Either change her twitter name from @ufcAmberNichole to something that doesn’t include the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) brand, OR cut professional (and possibly personal ties) with Tito Ortiz and Bellator and return to the UFC.

I’m sorry Amber, but you can’t have it both ways – and I saw at the 12:20 minute mark in the interview below with Susan Cingari, via your body language, that you’ve come to that realization yourself.

In the interview above, after Amber was asked as to whether or not she’d grace the UFC Octagon again AND it was noted that Dana White follows her on twitter, Amber Nichole’s demeanor reminded me of how a street hooker responds when she’s out on a date with a guy who she actually loves, but hears her pimp calling her cellphone that she has stuffed in the bottom of her purse.

Strangely Amber Nichole Miller tells the world about her private life daily,

Strangely Amber Nichole Miller tells the world about her private life daily,

The reality is, as long as Amber Nichole Miller utilizes the “UFC” brand in her twitter alias, most likely, as far as Dana White is concerned… HE OWNS HER – and there’s nothing Ortiz can (or will) do to change that.

Why you ask?

Well allow me to explain a bit to both Amber (I know she can’t help but read this), and the public about cross-marketing, cross-promotion, audience “siphoning” and Google ranking.

Amber Nichole Miller’s tweets rank quite high in Google when the search term “UFC” is utilized due to the frequency of which she tweets, the amount of followers she has and the length of time she’s been on twitter.  In addition due to the fact that she was one of the first UFC ring girls (starting in 2001), when people run a search for “ufc”, “ufc ring girl”, “mma ring girl” or something of the like, most likely they’ll come across Amber Nichole Miller.

Amber Nichole Miller tweets excessively about sex, yet is down on Jenna Jameson (the mother of Tito Ortiz's kids) for being a pornstar.

Amber Nichole Miller tweets excessively about sex, yet is down on Jenna Jameson (the mother of Tito Ortiz’s kids) for being a pornstar.

Amber Nichole is quite the “commodity” in regards to the MMA arena – and to Bellator and Viacom specifically being that Bellator is the UFC’s direct competitor.  EVERY TIME Amber Nichole Miller posts a new tweet (and especially if she tags it with #MMA, #UFC or something of the like), people into MMA fighting, but who might not be too hip to Bellator yet,SUDDENLY are drawn into Bellator’s world (which is owned by Viacom) via her almost nauseatingly public romance with Bellator’s headliner fighter Tito Ortiz. In other words, Amber Nichole Miller’s twitter account acts as an UFC “audience siphoning” or “conversion” mechanism for the Viacom network.

Whether Amber Nichole Miller realizes it or not, with every tweet she is essentially slapping Dana White and the UFC (the organization that is the foundation of who she presents herself to be) directly in the face.

Tito Ortiz might look like a dumb jock, but trust me when I say he’s definitely not when it comes to his knowledge of exactly how powerful media cross promotion, cross marketing and online marketing via social networking is – if you don’t believe me, just take a look at who he dated just prior to Amber Nichole Miller – a lovely woman by the name of Jenna Jameson.

In the interview below and notice how IMPORTANT it was to Ortiz for the interviewer to get his first name right.  Also take a look at the T-shirt he’s wearing. Ortiz wanted to make sure all of Jenna’s fans knew exactly who he is and about the BRAND he REPRESENTS.

It seems Amber Nicole Miller worked at the Playboy Club at one point. Why not call herself @PlayboyAmber ?

It seems Amber Nicole Miller worked at the Playboy Club at one point. Why not call herself @PlayboyAmber ?

Jenna Jameson is FAR more nationally and internationally known than Tito Ortiz.  In fact, more people know who Jenna is opposed to what the sport of MMA fighting itself is. Jenna Jameson’s Google ranking outweighs nearly every search engine search term associated with MMA fighting. When Ortiz split from Jenna, he immediately would have felt his fame begin to dwindle, as much of the attention, notoriety and positive press he was receiving was strictly due to his tie to her.

Ortiz and his associates apparently came to realize that once Jenna Jameson left Ortiz, there was no return – however it’s possible that someone attached to Ortiz and/or Bellator’s marketing department realized that “love” wasn’t the only way to siphon Jenna Jameson’s massive audience into the world of Bellator…”hate” could, and ultimately would work just as well.

Getting back to Amber Nichole Miller – she’s barely a blip on the radar anywhere else in the mainstream entertainment world aside from the Mixed Martial Arts sports arena like the UFC.  Amber Nichole has worked for Disney, but her twitter handle sure isn’t @DisneyAmber – she’s also worked at the Las Vegas Playboy Club as you can see below, but she doesn’t call herself @PlayboyAmber

Amber Nichole Miller looks a lot like Jenna Jameson nowadays

Amber Nichole Miller looks a lot like Jenna Jameson nowadays

Unless you’re an MMA fan, you’ve never heard the name Amber Nichole Miller – which is a HUGE problem for not just Amber Nichole, but for Tito Ortiz as well – because they’re entire livelihood (which is primarily dependent upon media giant Viacom) depends on NAME RECOGNITION.  Both Ortiz and Amber understand that linking themselves as much as possible to Jenna Jameson is key – and they figured out how to do it – they decided to use her children as public pawns to draw Jameson’s fanbase’s interest and permanently connect their names to the negative press Jameson has received (both in the mainstream media on social networking platforms like twitter) – all due to Ortiz’s relentless online and offline smear campaign against her.

In order to make certain (and provide proof to the public) that both Tito Ortiz and Amber Nichole Miller are well aware that “rocking the Viacom boat” in regards to their bad behavior isn’t a great idea, I addressed a petition in regards to Ortiz’s support of Hulk Hogan’s racist remarks to Dana White and several of his other past affiliates and sponsors. Both Ortiz and Amber were well aware of the petition, yet said NOTHING in regards to it being addressed to to incorrect parties.  However someone did speak up – and that someone was Dana White himself as you can see in the tweet below.

dana white speaks

Click here to sign the CORRECTED petition to alert VIACOM of Tito Ortiz’s unethical & unprofessional behavior.

Ortiz is most likely PRAYING that Amber remains in a state of “limbo” and never attains the inner confidence to drop the “UFC” brand from her twitter alias and her life in general, as it’s too integral to his presence within Bellator.  In addition Bellator would be silly to hire Amber as a ring girl OR make her a commentator or interviewer because she’d be obligated to stop using the “UFC” brand in her twitter alias and they’d lose the hundreds if not thousands of UFC fans she converts to Bellator fans monthly.

Viacom doesn’t need Ortiz or Amber Nichole Miller to make Bellator succeed, and if Amber were to wake up tomorrow and decide to return to the UFC (which in truth is the only viable career path she has, because it’s very unlikely Bellator will allow her to be a commentator while she’s not willing to let go of her ties to the UFC via her twitter alias), Ortiz would probably be cut from Viacom’s payroll faster than he can blink.

Though I’m certain Amber Nichole Miller believes that she’ll have a “Happy Ending” with Ortiz, the odds unfortunately are against her considering Ortiz’s track record. Going back to her interview with Susan Cingari (below) – at the 2:20 minutes mark Amber explains how she met Tito.  It took him 12 years to finally let her move in with him (and he married AND had children with Jenna Jameson within that 12 years).

The UFC is more of Amber Nichole Miller's family than Tito Ortiz is.   That's why Amber can't let the UFC go.  Those 2 little boys have a mother named Jenna Massoli aka Jenna Jameson.

The UFC is more of Amber Nichole Miller’s family than Tito Ortiz is. That’s why Amber can’t let the UFC go. Those 2 little boys have a mother named Jenna Massoli aka Jenna Jameson.

At the 8:20 minute mark Amber goes into how she’d like to help other ring girls effectively market and cross promote themselves.  I’m sorry, but considering how she’s been unable to drop the “UFC” label herself, and still isn’t officially working for Bellator, I don’t think she’d do to well at assisting other ring girls in “branching out”.   Actually according to an article in the Las Vegas Sun Times, I noticed that today’s UFC ring girls are doing quite well and make more money annually than some of the fighters.

Lastly, at the 10 minute mark – Amber states that “the littles” (meaning Jenna Jameson’s children) are “her life”.  The statement was rather heartbreaking, because the reality is – Jenna Jameson loves her children dearly and will not stop fighting until they are in her care again.  Regardless of how much Amber attempts to play the role of “the little’s” mother and even mimic Jenna’s looks and demeanor, she will never truly be their mother.

I sincerely hope Amber Nichole Miller finds herself – be it with or without the UFC brand linked to her twitter alias. If I were in her position, I’d pack my bags, secure my own apartment and give Dana White a call. I’m certain he’d welcome her back to “the family”.



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