PornWikiLeaks & TheRealPornWikileaks – both appear to share the same opinions & agenda…

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: 

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Once upon a time this happened…

There isn’t much difference between Pornwikileaks and TheRealPornWikiLeaks  – at least not from my perspective…

Both websites seem to share the exact same opinions in regards to several people, events and issues… In addition, both appear to have similar agendas – which is to control the pornographic industry talent pool via the elements of fear and intimidation.

Frankly, I’m not certain as to why Pornwikileaks & TheRealPornwikileaks haven’t simply merged into one megasite…or have they, in a manner that’s not exactly “obvious”? wish-upon-a-star

Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins (of & the Free Speech Coalition (namely Diane Duke) have all been involved with BOTH “wiki” sites in varying capacities at varying points in time over the years… Interesting isn’t it how once upon a time – it was the initial Pornwikileaks website that was essentially an “extraordinary crisis”, which became a problem that it seemed only the Free Speech Coalition could solve – which resulted in UNITING the pornographic industry to bravely face a common enemy…the dreaded “Donny Long”


When you think about it, the substance fairy tales are made of isn’t too far removed from what reality is formed from…but what do I really know or care? Right? Through it all, I’ve managed to live happily ever after…so I’ll just continue to watch.

post below directly from – “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

std guys in pornMatthew Holder is a porn cameraman who used Monica Foster for sex, just to say he fucked a black whore, and then dropped her like a hot potato.

She made the mistake of “falling in love” with Holder, who’s known for bedding many pornographic whores and hookers in the porn industry — most are hotter than Foster (and now that she’s pushing 40, much, MUCH younger) and much less embarrassing to be seen with in public.

After Holder moved on, she libeled and slandered him, claiming he gave her herpes, claiming he posts on Porn Wiki Leaks and creating vulgar cartoons of him while holed up alone in her run down Las Vegas rental home. At the same time, she tweeted about how she wished he’d take her back, again, holed up alone while Holder was out fucking younger, prettier, lighter-skinned porn actresses.

Foster is STALKING Holder to this day. Holder, or anyone who knows him, be advised.

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