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Josh Mance: “I’ll take a pornstar over my silver medal? That’s in no way, shape or form true at all.” *Exclusive Video Interview*

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Olympic athlete Josh Mance

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:

On July 28, 2014 TMZ edited an approximately 9 minute interview they had of Olympic athlete and silver medalist Josh Mance down to about 2 minutes – which manifested a ripple effect of national headlines and articles stating things along the lines of:

“He received a Silver medal at the 2012 Olympics… but team United States sprinter Josh Mance suggests the genuine prize would be a day with his preferred porn actress…”  -via BreakingNewsDir

According to Josh Mance, statements such as the one above couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, Josh doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with the porn industry at all.  The TMZ piece in actuality appears to be nothing more than an effort to use Josh Mance’s fame as an Olympic athlete to promote pornstar Skin Diamond to a mainstream (and in many cases underage) audience, while simultaneously tarnishing the image of a young, up and coming Black man who’s trying his best to be a positive role model.

Josh Mance’s situation prompted me to write a commentary of my own on the situation entitled “Attention Skin Diamond: You can’t get much stronger of a personality than that of an Olympian”, which led to my exclusive interview with Josh Mance below.

In the interview Olympic silver medalist Josh Mance shares his thoughts about his recent encounter with media gossip outlet TMZ, pornstar Skin Diamond, a situation involving racism he experienced on his 21st birthday that was heavily covered by mainstream news, his life as an Olympic athlete and his “fetish” for older women.

Josh Mance can be contacted through his twitter @ManceIIsociety or his agent via telephone: (213)399-0420

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