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Rod Daily Announces HIV Positive Status; Urges Condoms for All; “that test Ain’t shit”

rod dailyMonica Foster commentary: My heart goes out to all those who have contracted HIV within the Los Angeles porn industry. I personally feel, something far greater than we humans, is specifically telling the Los Angeles porn industry to STOP RIGHT NOW (yet, they still don’t listen).

article spotted on AdultFYI

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily tweets: I felt bad for the guy who had to read me my first test result. His face turned to stone, I wanted to give him a hug and say it will be ok

@JusserPirela: no symptoms. 40-90 percent of people don’t have any symptoms. I didn’t get sick

@quiero_verga: no sir there are different strands of the virus I don’t want that shit to mutate into some super virus with another strand

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily : Had to pinch myself a few times no doubt. But the sun still shines on my face and its warm. Can’t take my heart ever. I love life, blessed.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily : It’s been a crazy week, a crazy 2 weeks. When something like this happens you just have to accept it. I’m not down I’m not out.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily: honestly that can not be pin pointed. I have it now, moving forward, got other shit to focus on

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily: Just sayin be careful because that test ain’t shit without a condom strapped up with it.

Rod Daily: Rod Daily: That does not change anything though. A week later people are back at it shooting without condoms.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily: I have never backed down from a fight and I’m owning my shit right here like I have always owned my shit in life.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily: I have also learned that people can be so well medicated that they test negative. Scary, the test everyone relies on.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily: My antibodies just showed up on a test this week which is scary because they didn’t a week ago.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily: With the tests I have done the doctors have figured out that I was infected within the last month.


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