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It appears Jenna Jameson will be hosting the 2014 Xbiz awards

jenna jamesonMonica Foster commentary: 

According to Twitter – Jenna Jameson will be hosting the 2014 Xbiz awards.  My thoughts are neutral in regards to this news – but I find it interesting because Jenna was the reason I decided to give porn a try from the start…I believed what she presented the Los Angeles porn industry to be.  I wanted to be who I perceived her to be.

Now that I’m moving forward in life away from the porn industry (which was the worst & most hurtful experience of my life), it’s rather fitting that she’s returned.

I wish my time in the Los Angeles porn industry had turned out differently…I really do.

Update: 9.2.2013 Read what Rob Black has to say about the reality of Jenna Jameson on AdultFYI

spotted on

And the following exchange occurred between Jenna Jameson and Katie Summers

Katie Summers @jennajameson host of the 2014 @XBIZ awards? Didn’t this bitch shit on this industry at the AVN awards years ago??

Jenna: @KatieSummersXXX @XBIZ actually, you stupid little idiot, I actually retired. So go be jealous somewhere else

Katie Summers: @jennajameson @XBIZ jealous? I’m far from jealous! You put down this industry and “retired” and if you “retired” why are you hosting?

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