Pornstar Legend Lisa Ann calls for a Hep C positive male talent to STOP WORKING!

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***Update: Xbiz has reported that Labcorp is involved in this situation (Labcorp is a talent testing facility that does not test for Hep C on a basic talent panel).

***Update: According to AdultFYI – the HepC positive performer in question is Alex Gonz (represented by LA Direct Models / Derek Hay)

***Update: What Porn Companies Were Hiring Alex Gonz? How Long Has Gonz Been Working HEP C Positive? via AdultFYI

***Update: Lisa Ann calls for the adult industry to BOYCOTT LA Direct Models

***Update: Alex Gonz has disappeared.

Monica Foster commentary:  This is not the first time Lisa Ann has had to take a stand in regards to activity attached to LA Direct Models…

In December of 2012 Lisa Ann referred to Derek Hay (the frontman LA Direct models) as being a PIMP (aka sex trafficker).

Between these current allegations of a male talent testing positive for Hep C (yet still working) and the long standing rumors of LA Direct being connected to TheLuxuryCompanion escort service – Derek Hay and LA Direct Models needs to be fully investigated in my opinion by the FBI.

Lisa Ann would do well to team up with Rob Black at this stage in the game if she doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. It seems to me that what Rob’s proposing in regards to The United Adult Workers of America would be right up Lisa Ann’s alley…

Spotted on Lisa Ann’s twitter:

“Let me start by saying this. As a performer in the Adult Business we all take risks. One of the risks we run is having to trust others.

Last week we had a situation that ended up being a mistake, mistakes happen. Everything is ok… What wasn’t a mistake was how well it was handled and how quickly most responded. Since I have been back on sets I have noticed some things that once again, made me take the responsible, BUT but less than desired roll- as I call “Whore Detective” The PI of Porn..

Why do I have to be the one that sits up at night, trying to find the truth? Even worse the fact that when I start to research…  I have to find out that others already know, but don’t take a stand. No one has done anything about it… Well, as you all know me.. I will take the stand, before I do this I must be clear on a couple of things…

This is NOT a vendetta, this is also just “Speculation” and I can NOT name names. But you, just like me, can do a little research on your own and make your own assumptions. My Peers in the industry can also get involved and request the same answers I have.

A couple of months ago, our 2 Industry, Testing Centers that we all go to added Hepatitis Testing to our tests. We have been getting more advanced testing and we are growing in the right direction there. Someone and maybe more, I can not be sure, but someone sadly didn’t pass. He tried both centers and they both came up with a positive test. This is when he should not even have the option to think of another way to continue shooting, he should have stopped doing scenes!

Again this is medical information that we are no longer allowed to see, but they do have some option for us to get the information. We can go to the web site, log in and all see the same indicators, “Available” or “Unavailable” – or we can call the testing centers. Clearly “Available” means you are good to go to shoot. “Unavailable” means NO GO, you cannot shoot. This is where that “Trust” is needed.

At this point the Agent is aware their talent is NOT showing up as available. This is when the agent, if the talent is not responsible enough to make the right choice the agent should step in. Here is where I get involved. I do my homework, make multiple phone calls and put all the pieces together, and just like our last “Incident” I texted the person involved to discuss.

click to enlarge the male talent page from LA Direct's website

click to enlarge the male talent front page from LA Direct’s website

I have NO issues calling you out, once I have enough info. Interesting as it was, and as close to home as it could be, I got a call about doing a scene with him this weekend. Ironic, right.. Here is where “Opportunity Knocks” and with a good heart, a strong conviction you open that door.

I took the shoot and requested his test.  After getting a copy of his test, I took that information and called the testing Center and got 2 Verbal Confirmations he can NOT work.  I contacted the production company immediately, told them to cancel all of his shoots and to contact other producers in their companies.  I did not work with him, I advise others to do the same. Like I said, this is speculation & I can’t name names. I don’t know who his exact agent is, because many of the offices have many agents. I can say this. He is listed as the very first Male Model on the Men’s Page of

I called the other day to discuss this. Now I have called Free Speech, I have called the agency and I have had text banter with my suspect. Tonights information share was NOT without warning. This is to protect myself and my peers. This is also to remind the evil doers of “Breaking the Trust”-  they will be called out.

Come on people, I love this business, I will always fight for it, But it is scarier than ever with the lack of trust .. Putting others health a risk to make a bit of money is unacceptable. In closing, I am sure my phones will be blowing up, I am also ready and sure I will be threatened. It is par the coarse. I have been here before, and I will be here again.

Confusion: The Unavailable will NOT be on the Agency site, it would be on a testing site that can be accessed by Talent and Producers.”

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