Pornstar Katie Summers is fighting for performer rights, but is being targeted by online stalkers!

katie summers

Pornstar & Cam Model Katie Summers – @KatieSummersXXX on twitter

Monica Foster commentary:

I try my best to keep as current as possible, but being that I’m only 1 woman who does the work of about 10 overweight men who are in their mid to late 40’s, sometimes I fall behind in my workload.

As of recent, I realized that Katie Summer’s entry on not only wasn’t up to date, but she most likely was FALSELY PROMOTED as being available as an escort to begin with (just as retired pornstar Alia Janine has notified me that she was).

For those who are not aware, Katie Summers is the brave and breathtakingly beautiful pornstar / webcam model who decided to take a stand on behalf of her peers by filing a lawsuit against John Stagliano of Evil Angel (a veteran Los Angeles porn industry professional who NEGLECTED to disclose that he was HIV positive to Katie prior to working with her).

United Adult Workers of America -

Katie Summers is helping to build the United Adult Workers of America –

As of current Katie is working closely with Rob Black (of ) to form The United Adult Workers of America – – an organization which will educate and organize workers so that they will attain a higher standard of living.

From what I’ve observed, Katie is much more than just a pornstar and camgirl (Gene Ross of has written some incredibly wonderful things about her).  She is extremely savvy in regards to the promotional marketing of both herself and causes that she believes in.  Just take a look at her MASSIVE twitter following of over 70,000 followers.

I was very impressed with how she related her daily webcam show packages and pre-recorded content deals on her last appearance. Katie is far more than a pretty face…she’s a very smart girl.

As an ex-pornstar, I know first hand how rough and dangerous the Los Angeles porn industry is, and for Katie Summers to not only be thriving, but to be strong enough to take a stand against the current porn industry “establishment” in effort to improve working conditions for her peers, tells me that she embodies a tremendous amount of strength and solid character.

I have voiced my concerns to Rob Black in regards to watching out for Katie’s safety, during this monumental lawsuit of which she’s filed – and I believe that he will. I ask that my readers, fans and friends reach out to Katie (@KatieSummersXXX on twitter) and show your support as well – especially considering something that I just witnessed in regards to an online stalker who is currently targeting her…

dangerous trpwl sean tompkins

Sean Tompkins of The Real Pornwikileaks aka TRPWL

As of today, a very dangerous & mentally unstable online predator by the name of Sean Tompkins (who is known to purchase pornstar’s family member’s REAL NAMES as domain names in an effort to cyberbully and extort his targets), appears to be attempting to falsely claim to represent Katie Summers to fans in effort to pimp (sex traffic) other women to the fans in her place (the ‘ole bait and switch routine).

Sean Tompkins is affiliated with SpieglerGirls (who’s talent is known to escort).  Tompkins is seemingly obsessed with and in full support of the illegal side of the porn industry (illegal prostitution and escorting) and appears to consistently troll twitter for potential John’s (fans of pornstars) to introduce to active escorts.  In addition, Sean Tompkins appears to coerce established pornstars who DO NOT ESCORT into breaking the law by introducing them to porn professionals affiliated with organized crime run illegal escort rings.

As you can see in the twitter exchange below, a fan contacted Katie Summers directly, and she CLEARLY stated that SHE DOES NOT MEET FANS. Then a few minutes later, Sean Tompkins (TRPWL) attempted to contact the fan (to most likely draw him into a “bait and switch” scam of which he’d set up the fan with a pornstar escort he is affiliated with through Spieglergirls).

Katie Summers is not an escort

Katie Summers clearly stating that she does not meet fans. She is a legitimate pornstar and cam model.

Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL attempts to open a communication with Katie Summers fan most likely in effort to recruit him for another escort by falsely claiming he represents Katie Summers

Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL attempts to open a communication with Katie Summers’ fan by falsely claiming he represents Katie – most likely in effort to recruit him for a pornstar escort connected to SpieglerGirls

To conclude, please send Katie Summers your support and well wishes – and if you are a Los Angeles porn industry professional, I personally believe that working with Katie will bring success to your projects. She can be contacted through AskKatieSummers at yahoo dot com

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