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Someone really hates Samantha Saint fan Richard Nanula of Disney & Trinity Saint Claire

richard nanula trinity saint claire samantha saint***Click here for an UPDATE as of 7.10.2013 on this news item – INSIDER SOURCE EMAILS verify many details and provide background info in regards to escorting rings which may be actively extorting the wealthy & elite by utilizing legal “settlements”*** 

Monica Foster commentary:

I hope posting this piece doesn’t bite me in the ass being that it was emailed to me by someone who was revealed to be Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre’s “mole”, but being that it’s already posted on – I’m going to go for it.

Here’s the copy from the email I received :
This John needs to be called out. the worst scum bag ever..He also sees Male porn guys and female adults stars. He has ****** and is so rude.
Samantha Saint does not escort. Trinity St Claire was paid 6k to set up a phoney porn set in Richard’s House in Malibu California. He attempt to book Samantha for a Escort meet and she would not, so he paid Trinity to set up a Porn shoot. After the Entire Industry found out about Trinity.. and for many months the content was not up on trinity’s site .. People began to ask questions, Richard is pissed he scene is up.. It was not to be released. But due to pressure it was.

This is Trinity Saint Claire - I've never met her but she doesn't strike me as a pimp/madame type.

This is Trinity Saint Claire – I’ve never met her but she doesn’t strike me as a pimp/madame type.

Samantha Saint is a Wicked Pictures contract star – I wonder WHY someone seems to be hell bent on getting this piece of gossip out into the media… Is Joy King of Wicked Pictures desperate for mainstream publicity for Samantha (no one really has given her that much attention since she was signed)? Did someone attached to Samantha attempt to EXTORT Richard Nanula for additional funds (hush money) after he was with her? Is someone just out to get Trinity Saint Claire and ruin her reputation (it’s hard for me to imagine that little girl as a pimp/madame in training)?

This goes to show – being with a pornstar escort nowadays is not the best route for Johns (as clearly illustrates).

If I receive additional info, I will post it.

Article from 

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Ex Disney Executive Richard D. Nanula.  He is infamous for booking porn girls that escort.  Here are screen shots of him making a porno with pornstar Samantha Saint that was posted on Trinity St. Clair’s website.  The story of why I dislike Richard D. Nanula is quite interesting as well. I’ll spare you the sordid details. Guy is a douche! I can’t imagine why he would allow a video to be shot of himself and posted online. It appears to have been removed, but in the age of tube sites…it has got to be out there somewhere. The right person could definitely find it. I’m not interested in gaining any personal attention from this. Who knows? Perhaps no one will even care. But an ex-Disney exec shooting a porno has to be something. I also have old texts between him, myself and another adult performer, confirming our acquaintance.

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