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Rocco Reed retires and says he is NOT gay

rocco reedMonica Foster commentary: This is an interesting situation to me. Pornstar Rocco Reed left “straight” porn for a contract on the “gay side” of porn with, but now upon retiring he feels the need to clarify that he is NOT gay…

I personally don’t feel his sexuality in his personal life matters now that he’s retired from performing on camera (and truthfully in my opinion his sexuality didn’t matter when he was actively performing – especially considering that from my perspective over 90% of the men in both “straight” and “gay” porn are at least bisexual – whether they want to admit it or not) – but I wonder if there’s more to this situation being that Rob Black just recently discussed him on his webcast (keep in mind female pornstar Brooklyn Lee retired immediately after Rob Black discussed her on his show as well)…

I did notice that Rocco recently made an appearance at Adonis Lounge on March 30 of this year with Jeremy Bilding (who is now known as Ryan Driller on the straight side of porn) – I wonder if he’ll continue touring… I know if I ever come into some money and become aware of a venue of which I can hire him, I sure as hell will (of course I’d require him to wear a button down dress shirt & glasses at all times) – yummy 🙂

(click to enlarge) Rocco Reed recently appeared at Adonis Lounge with Jeremy Bilding and various other males

(click to enlarge) Rocco Reed recently appeared at Adonis Lounge with Jeremy Bilding and various other males

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Male performer Rocco Reed has decided to retire from performing in adult movies. In a statement sent to AVN, Reed said he felt it was time to pursue other business opportunities.

“I would like to state that my time in the adult industry in every aspect has now come to an end,” Reed said. “I will no longer be living in the Los Angeles area and I’m taking the step to start other business ventures. I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer. I am retiring not because of any other reason than its time to move on. Thanks.”

Reed was a prolific performer during his time in the straight side of the adult industry, shooting more than 300 scenes per year at the height of his popularity. He shot for virtually all of the major companies and also directed for Penthouse Studios.

Then last June, Reed surprisingly announced that he was moving over to the gay side of the industry and accepted a six-month contract from online gay network It was an unprecedented move for such a prolific male performer.

Before hitting the adult entertainment scene, Reed was a mainstream actor, with credits including several independent films and work for such high-profile production entities as HBO. The HBO project,Life on Top, took Reed across the globe where filming took place in Bucharest, Romania. One of his latest independent films, Who I Should Have Been, challenged the actor by playing the part of a man who appears to have everything but realizes he has nothing in his obsession to obtain it all.

Reed also was seen in print and on the runways modeling for such clients as Structure, MEK, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy and Guess.

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