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Congratulations to Isadore Hall III and the AHF! AB332 passed in a 5 – 0 vote!

ab332 passed 5-0 vote

***Update: Please click here to sign the following petition San Fernando Valley Business Journal: Retract the article on Michael Weinstein, the AHF and the porn industry – the article referenced blatantly lies about Isadore Hall III and Assembly Bill 332

Monica Foster commentary: 

Today is a great day! Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) was approved by the Assembly Labor & Employment Committee – by a 5 to 0 vote! The bill will now move to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for consideration. With approval, AB 322 then would be voted on by the full Assembly. Pending approval by the full Assembly, the bill will be referred to the Senate and go through a similar policy and fiscal review process. Once it is passed, AB 332 would be effective Jan. 1, 2015 (however in our rapidly changing times, it may go into effect at an earlier date).

doug hawk of cocaine inc - husband of Lydia Ann Lee aka Julie Meadows

Disrespectful, intimidating and insulting tweets sent directly to Isadore Hall III from Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals – a woman who is obsessed with suppressing the truth of pornography (and who has never actually WORKED as a performer) and Doug Hawk  (husband of Julie Meadows) who appears to think Isadore Hall (a lawmaker who holds a dual DOCTORATE degree) somehow is “ignorant”. In my opinion Doug’s company name which is COCAINE INC reflects TRUE IGNORANCE (along with the fact that his Napoleon complex & insecurities drive him to keep his wife on a curfew).

Though many ill informed, uneducated, disrespectful and unjustifiably aggressive Free Speech Coalition supporters and Los Angeles porn industry professionals attempted to lie, insult, and intimidate lawmakers into voting no to AB332 today, the committee was able to see the importance of voting Yes – being that condoms in porn (as stated quite clearly by Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation in a recent interview with Larry Elder) is an EMPLOYMENT LAW ISSUE.

It should be noted that adult industry professionals Jessie Rogers and Hayden Winters testified today in support of Assembly Bill 3332 – and I have a feeling that in due time, many other porn industry professionals will openly support the bill as well being that the mandatory use of condoms along with regular STD testing in the California porn industry (and United States as a whole) will greatly assist in protecting the health of both performers AND the general public.

Though it’s a hard pill to swallow, the reality is that many performers regularly work illegally as escorts & prostitutes (as clearly illustrates). That being the case, the current lack of mandatory barrier protection in the California porn industry is a SERIOUS PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

It’s all about SAVING LIVES from my perspective – so congratulations and THANK YOU to the Aids Healthcare Foundation and Isadore Hall III (and may Jesus Christ continue to assist you on your mission).

ab332 passed 5-0 vote 01


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