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Should a daughter be condemned for the sins of her FATHER? – Pooja Bhatt

Monica Foster commentary: This is an interesting situation… Pooja Bhatt (the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt – the Bollywood director who imported Vivid girl Sunny Leone to India for his movie Jism 2) is currently being criticized for speaking out in regards to women’s rights due to being instrumental in the “mainstreaming” of Sunny Leone in India’s equivalent to Hollywood – Bollywood.

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt should not be blamed for her father’s sin of being an out of control porn fan.

I personally don’t feel Pooja should be criticized at all for her FATHER’S actions…that’s right. I’m of the opinion that it was primarily Mahesh Bhatt’s idea to take Sunny Leone under his wing (and I don’t believe that his interest in her has ANYTHING to do with her “acting talent” – especially considering that the only reason it appears that Sunny Leone was considered for the role was due to her lack of having issue with nudity…an element that the beautiful and talented Bipasha Basu took serious issue with which was why she turned down the role prior to it being offered to Sunny Leone).

When Sunny Leone began gaining ground in the Bollywood entertainment scene – many speculated that she would leave her pornographic past behind (in fact it seemed that Mahesh Bhatt was encouraging her to do so), but she made the CHOICE not to. Pooja should not be blamed for Sunny Leone’s decision to continue a career in the tawdry and criminal world of Los Angeles pornography.  Actually in hindsight, it’s almost as though Sunny Leone was sent to India to “infiltrate” Bollywood on behalf of her “pimp” Vivid Entertainment to “pornify” the Indian culture on the “sly”…

I don’t feel Pooja Bhatt – Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter should have to shoulder any of the “sins of her father” (or of Sunny Leone). Pooja was born into her station in life, and unlike in America, women in India (even when from affluent families) don’t have many career options or opportunities. I doubt Pooja has much choice as to whether or not to work for her father.

Pooja at one stage DID take a stand against her father while Sunny Leone’s movie was being shot, by stating in an article that Sunny’s Hindi linguistic skills were so sub-par that she had to dub over all of her speaking parts from the movie in post production using another voice (her own!). In my opinion that was very brave of her to come forward in regards to, because essentially she was stating “my father is an idiot -Sunny Leone is NOT ready for Bollywood”.

Way to go Mahesh Bhatt – you’ve officially tainted the public image of your daughter all because you couldn’t control your lust for a pornstar who didn’t even respect your work enough to sufficiently develop her Hindi skills.

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Pooja Bhatt humanized porn star, but can’t talk about rape victims

Pooja Bhatt says many feel that she doesn’t have any right to show concern over safety of women because she introduced Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone into Bollywood

bhatt / hirsch / sunny leoneSunny made it to headlines with her stint on TV reality show “Bigg Boss 5” and was later cast in Pooja’s directorial project “Jism 2”.

The 41-year-old is upset with yet another rape case of five-year-old girl in Delhi and tweeted: “This is not a world to bring more children into. This is certainly not a nation to bring more daughters into. Violence is their destiny.”

She also pointed out many feel that she has no right to talk about the issue.

“Each time I speak up about rape or sexual abuse, some ‘saint’ tells me that I have no right to since I introduced a ‘porn star’ to Bollywood,” Bhatt posted on Twitter.

“I humanized a ‘porn star’ and got her accepted into the mainstream. The rest of Bollywood is now free to objectify her like they do most women,” she added.


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