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Jenna Jameson and her Brass Knuckles : Not charged in assault

jenna jameson brass knuckles

Monica Foster commentary: It seems to me as though someone’s attempting to establish a pattern of violence via orchestrated confrontations within Jenna’s life. She needs to surround herself with a better crowd of people considering that she’s now a mother. Party time is over. Jay Grdina may need to make a re-entrance (if he still cares to do so – I always felt that he was her best match).

***Update: Tito Ortiz takes kids from unfit mother Jenna Jameson –

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Jenna Jameson can add another DP to her credits … as in “don’t prosecute” … ’cause TMZ has learned the XXX legend WILL NOT be hit with charges for allegedly attacking a transgender porn star Saturday.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the Orange County District Attorney’s Office has decided there just ain’t enough evidence to convict Jameson of battery … so the case is essentially dead.

We broke the story … 39-year-old Jenna was originally cited for battery after allegedly using the brass-knuckles case on her iPhone to attack Britney Markham at a Newport Beach salon on April 6.

Britney has since asked the court for a restraining order against Jenna. It’s unclear if she also plans to follow up with a civil suit against Jameson — but we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time.

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