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Eva Ionesco Sues Mother Irina For Taking Pornographic Pictures Of Her As A Child

eva ionescoMonica Foster commentary: After reading this article, I urge you to learn about the current mother / daughter porn duo The Sexxtons and the retired mother / daughter porn duo Desi & Elli Foxx … the issue of blending family and sex together is about an inch away from reaching it’s pinnacle (and I am very uncomfortable with having witnessed what I have). I suppose everything has to reach a balance and come full circle though…welcome to the end of 2012.

article (of course) spotted on the Huffington Post

French actress Eva Ionesco modeled in “Playboy” when she was only 11 years old, making her the youngest person ever to appear in the adult magazine, according to the Agence France Presse. Stranger still is that Ionesco’s mother, Irina, took the photograph. Yesterday, a Paris court reportedly ordered Ionesco to hand over 10,000 Euro ($13,213) in damages to her daughter, as well as the negatives of the many explicit photographs she took of her between four and 12 years old.

Irina Ionesco, a self-taught French-Romanian photographer, rose to notoriety in the 1970s due to her controversial and explicit photographs, often starring her young daughter. The explicit black-and-white images feature coquettish poses, fetishistic clothing, and nudity. The AFP reports that Eva Ionesco called the result of the photographs a “stolen childhood,” and — on a less poetic note — claims she never received any money for the images.

According to Le Monde, the defense’s argument revolved around the “liberal and permissive” attitude of the 1970s, as well as insinuations that Ionesco’s personal hatred for her mother was driving the case.

Ionesco publicized the bizarre details of her relationship with her mother in her 2011 film “My Little Princess,” starring Isabelle Huppert. We’ve posted the trailer below. Let us know your thoughts on this disturbing family relationship.

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