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Lisa Ann is sick and tired of a certain LA pimp

lisa ann

Lisa Ann

Monica Foster commentary: I anticipate that 2013 will be a HUGE year for Lisa Ann. I hope other porn industry professionals both in front of and behind the camera (especially WOMEN) take notes in regards to this savvy business woman. I personally feel that the primary key to her success is that she’s both DECISIVE and is capable of “tuning out the noise” of the haters, which enables her to effectively move forward in a positive direction.

Lisa Ann is one of the rare individuals in this world who transcends the primary industry (in her case porn) of which she’s completely conquered. Pornstar…yes…Lifestar…definitely!

Whoever owes Lisa Ann some money, probably needs to go ahead and pay the debt ASAP.

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Lisa Ann has a whole lotta stuff going on. You can read all about it on her twitter. @thereallisaann Here are a few tweets, they are not in order. Seems like Lisa is pissed off at a couple people…

From what Lisa Ann tweets, She  performed in San Francisco last weekend, and LIsa said Gracie Glam was M.I.A. Being worried about her, Lisa Ann called hospitals and tried to find her, only to hear after the fact that Gracie no showed at her booking.

WTF is that all about, like I need to be Playing Whore Detective all day long for nothing… #Pathetic

Really… You accept A Feature Gig another Girl could Have… You take the Clubs Travel Money, Hotel and Ride From the Airport and FLAKE!

I spent the day worried about someone, searching for them and trying to help my Agent and The Club …

I will never accept the un professionalism of other members of my Industry, Not just to The Clubs but most important to the Fans…

Second LIsa Ann is tweeting quite vehemently about a dust up she had/is having with an agent whose name has now been removed from the posts. From what Lisa says she is writing a book and is owned money…

New Years Resolution #1 – to remove the last bit of filter I have left, I know too much about this business, my book tells all.

I will keep it coming here on twitter to hold you till the book comes out.. Till then there is something I really need to say.. Here goes..

Years ago I worked for an agent, at the time I thought he was a bad ass, now I know he is just a pimp, at the time he had some Fake Power..

Now he has Nothing but a very weak Pimp Hand.. This Agent also reps the girl who Flaked on the Club this weekend… I called him today..

His Response of “She is just not feeling it” made the weak Pimp Hand he has left, just LIMP…. Like a wet noodle LIMP… I felt bad.. TILL

Till I remembered, he gets 40% of the Hooking Money as being a PIMP, so I will credit the Wet Noodle as Al Dente’ –

Yes… I will remind you “Pimpin Ain’t Easy” but it also ain’t Legal.. You a sitting duck in that Office, Should have Paid Your Debts.

2013 will be the MOST Interesting Year Yet…. I can PROMISE YOU this, get ready to really learn the World I live in…

If you choose to be a Hooker, then I support your choice, that is what you like, then I am happy you are happy, but it isn’t for everyone.

Then Came The PIMP, who burned out the girls as fast as possible to move them to his other site so they have to be hookers, not by choice.

Our lives revolved around all of you inspiring us to do more for you. It is an awesome feeling.. The Road, Signings, Appearances… So FUN..

Let me sum all of this up for you.. I love the business I am in and I want to protect it. I want it to be about the fans like it once was.

# 4… Don’t fuck with the Whore Next Door (that would be me) my Patience has run out, my debt will now be paid on different terms.

#3. 2013 will prove to be the BIGGEST Year for Change… 1 Big Change will be 1 less PIMP who makes his girls pay, but doesn’t follow suit.

#2. In the State of California,when you hold an Agency License and Bond, running an Illegal Prostitution Web Site = Terms to revoke the bond

#1. Don’t buy something you can’t pay for, when you don’t want to pay, there is still a debt looming.. You Ultimately WILL PAY!

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