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Gene Ross of AdultFYI knows it all – and he should…he’s been around forever

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Monica Foster commentary: I’ve never met Gene Ross face to face nor have I ever had a conversation with him…and honestly it’s probably for the best that I haven’t (because it would most likely ruin my impression of him).

Aside from following adult industry news, I follow news that pertains to other issues, subject matter and industries as well…and I can truthfully say that out of all the informative online news sources of which I follow – is one of the most up to date, informative, complete, insightful and thorough online news sources of which I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

Gene Ross does an excellent job, and I hope he continues to do so for years to come.  I’ve witnessed many who are simply jealous and envious of him bash and criticize him both personally and professionally – but the quality of Gene’s work consistently negates the “haters” statements.

This website, will continue to generally be a commentary site for the most part – if you want to get the latest accurate adult entertainment and porn industry news and gossip (or if you simply want to educate yourself about the truths of the business technicalities of the Los Angeles porn industry) I strongly suggest you give Gene Ross’s site a visit.

Gene has been around for a very long time…and he does know what he’s talking about – so listen.

Three of my favorite postings from AdultFYI this week:

 There’s Trouble Over at Elegant Angel

The Grand Vizier calls me: “Forget about the setbacks Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel have been receiving in their anti-piracy cases, the real story is that Nicole Lace, aka Cindy Collins, is splitting from Pat, and this divorce is reaching the epic proportions of the McCourts fighting over the LA Dodgers.

“Cindy wants more then half. She wants all of Elegant Angel. Which leads us to ask, are the days of the big budgets and paying Spiegler girls big money over? Well take a look at the amount of compilations coming out of the company.”

Alexis Ford is Sounding Just Like Lara Roxx; Sharon Mitchell: “Denial is the Backbone of the Porn Industry”

Having just received a gift carton of Auchincloss cigarettes from his girlfriend Lucinda, The Grand Vizier is thinking with greater clarity these days. He writes me:

I’d like to address some of Alexis Ford’s comments on Lexington Steele’s Internet show this week

Ford says: “I think porn performers are the cleanest people really in the world because if anything’s wrong down there we know right away, we’re not showing up on the set with things dripping out of us, or herpes or warts, obviously it would show.”

Being a relative newbie perhaps Miss Ford doesn’t remember when in 2004 a young starlet named Lara Roxx made EXACTLY the same statement, and I mean EXACTLY the same statement:

Roxx: “I thought porn performers were the cleanest people in the world”.

Miss Ford should be educated on how the industry ridiculed Lara Roxx for making such an ignorant statement. Just in case Miss Ford doesn’t know, she might ask Lex who Lara Roxx is.

Then when Miss Ford says, “if anything is wrong down there we know
right away” it appears that she’s saying, when we catch STDs we know right
away. So which is it, are you the cleanest people in the world, or do you
just wash the dirt off a little more often than most people?

Lets move on, shall we.

Alexis Ford: “We’re not showing up on set with things dripping out of us”

Again, maybe Miss Ford hasn’t seen those spotted dick pictures of Mr Marcus. And just a little reminder to Miss Ford, those Syphilis sores do not just appear overnight, it takes months to get to that stage, yet on all the sets Marcus worked on with visible stage 2 Syphilis nobody said a thing.

And regarding herpes and warts, the most contagious stage of both of these STD’s is just before the visual symptoms appear. Interesting that Lexingtom Steele let these comments go without correcting Miss Ford.

And does Miss Ford remember those pictures of Lara Roxx, with that male performer sticking his cock inside that obviously herpes infected ass?

And then he goes to work the next day, nonchalantly, with other female performers? (Scary to think, but the day that infamous picture was taken, that male cock had HIV squirting out of it.)

Do you think he told his scene partner the next day about the obviously
infected ass he was hitting 24 hours earlier?

That male performer didn’t know he had HIV, because he had a CLEAN industry test. Miss Ford, how would you like to learn, after the fact, that the guy you fucked today was hitting something like that yesterday? The fact is, Miss Ford, you have NO CLUE what your scene partners are doing before they do you, or what each of those other partners of your partner were doing, and so on and so on.

Miss Ford, there’s an old saying, “It’s better to be thought a fool then open mouth and remove all doubt.”

And then Lex says, “It can be argued that once a person has sex away from
camera with someone who does not have a test, that test has been rendered

Lex might have said, “Once you have unprotected sex with anyone who has been having unprotected sex with other sex workers, that test has been rendered superficial.” Either way, that test has become null and void.

Lex himself admits to unprotected sex off camera, so I guess the test he is working with is superficial. Does he notify his on screen partners when he has had unprotected sex off camera with someone who isn’t tested?

Lex admits to having unprotected sex off set, and Rebecca Bardoux who was also on the show, says, “If you don’t want to have safe sex outside the industry then get the fuck out of the industry and go work at McDonald’s.”

Miss Bardoux, sounds to me like you were suggesting that Lexington Steele should “Get the fuck out of the industry”

And then Miss Bardoux goes on to talk about ‘stardom’ in the industry, and
how things have changed.

“With fame comes a lot of bullshit,” (fans) “They stood in line and got our autographs.”

Miss Bardoux, only two porn performers have ever achieved anything that can be called stardom, Jenna Jameson, and Ron Jeremy. Others have achieved notoriety, John Holmes, Traci Lords, and maybe Ginger Lynn, but outside of the very insular porn world, stardom doesn’t exist for porn performers.

A few weeks ago comedian Jon Stewart used Vicky Vette’s name as the butt of a joke. It made headlines in the adult and world press. Is this what you call stardom Miss Bardoux, being the butt of a joke?

Didn’t Sasha Grey do a low budget movie, and didn’t she play a hooker? Maybe an appearance on Rehab With Dr. Drew will propel a porn performer to (porn world) fame, but there are few other legitimate avenues that will do it.

Miss Bardoux states further: “We were considered stars and were untouchable”

She should be reminded that at those conventions any decent looking piece of meat is gawked at and fawned over as though she were a porn star. Frankly, your comments sound like delusions of grandeur.

As far as the Measure B campaign is concerned, holding rallies at strip clubs, having industry-only meetings, and trolling Melrose Ave can hardly be called a campaign.

The adult industry likes to talk about itself being a multi-billion dollar a year business, yet how come it couldn’t raise the money to fund the campaign against Measure B?

The industry couldn’t raise 1/10th of 1% of the money they claim to pay in tax and business revenues. What a joke, and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. How well did all that tweeting work out for you?.

And just for the hell of it, what do any of you think about AVN giving a
Best Cream Pie award?

“I think porn performers are the cleanest people really in the world.”

Thank you Miss Ford this will definitely go down in porn history. Now, if I
can just stop laughing long enough to hit the send button. To quote Sharon
Mitchell, “Denial is the backbone of the porn industry.”

Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Diane Duke Might Have to Find a New Sugar Daddy

Now that Manwin’s Fabian Thylmann is in custody over tax evasion charges, one assumes the next stop is a freeze of Manwin’s assets.

That sounds like Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition could be in a financial bind as well. To what extent Manwin has been the patron saint of Free Speech isn’t exactly known, but Manwin from all reports has been quite liberal in writing checks to that organization, particularly on that program of performer testing reimbursements. Supposedly. [Has anyone actually been reimbursed for an HIV test?]

In view of the circumstances, Duke might try and go from there to find the next FSC benefactor because once Manwin dries up, so goes this business. At least as Duke and FSC know it.

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