Britney Maclin aka Bibi Jones drugged in the strip club she works in

bibi jones britney maclin drugged at strip clubMonica Foster commentary:

Ex-pornstar Britney Maclin (aka Digital Playground contract star Bibi Jones) retired from the Los Angeles porn industry July of this year, but has continued to work as an exotic dancer.  As I’ve noted on my blogs, websites and video webcasts – leaving the Los Angeles porn industry and finding your “place” in the “real world” is quite the difficult task – and Britney’s twitter feed (@Britney_Maclin) clearly illustrates that.

As of November 26, 2012 Britney Maclin was drugged at the strip club she works at (which upon research appears to be Bourbon Street Circus in Arizona – correct me in the comments if I’m incorrect please).  Britney appears to be OK and will be starting a new job of some sort soon.

I personally feel that this young woman entered the adult world FAR too young…I hope she makes it out and doesn’t fall back into the Los Angeles porn industry (if she were too, those monsters would destroy her).

 bibi jones britney maclin drugged in a club twitter feed


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