101 Modeling Issues Statement countering Mike South’s claim

101 logoMonica Foster commentary: I’ve waited for a very long time (as have others) to see if Mike South at some point would tell the TRUTH about the Pornwikileaks situation. Though he’s been given ample time and opportunity to do so, he never has – and all in the name of VANITY, GREED and a sick need to attain what he perceives as POWER.

Considering that South just recently was wrong about Manwin buying 101 modeling (at least according to this press release), one must question what ELSE he’s been wrong about (and what other misinformation & lies he’s DELIBERATELY fed to the public).  As of current he’s claiming that Manwin is in the process of purchasing Streamate… IF that’s true, why does he care? Mike South is not a webcam model nor does he run a webcam studio (that anyone knows of at least). Furthermore Mike South is consistently linking Manwin to very serious criminal activity – WHY? Especially when Mike South himself appears to have close ties with KNOWN CONVICTED FELONS?


Mike South now claims that Manwin is buying Streamate…if so – WHY DOES HE CARE? It’s almost like he’s seeking hush money from Manwin (but wouldn’t that be kinda like EXTORTION)?

From my current perspective, Mike South has gained and is continuously seeking to attain as much power and influence as possible in the Los Angeles porn arena via pitting Los Angeles porn professionals against each other. This little game of his (and quite a few other trouble makers and criminals) gained a lot of momentum during Pornwikileaks – and now is out of control.

I personally pray in the name of Jesus Christ that Mike South, Sean Tompkins (TRPWL), Ari Bass (Michael Whiteacre) and Kimberly Rathkamp (Kayden Kross) get exactly what they deserve (and I have it on good authority that they will). Word is, all 4 have a good ‘ole time regularly laughing at me … you see, these 4 pieces of trash above all else like playing a little game called “Kick A Nigger” – well, we’ll see who has the last laugh 🙂

article below courtesy Xbiz.com

Robert Moran, owner of 101 Modeling, issued a statement on Monday regarding recent rumors that his agency had been sold to Manwin.

“The rumors about Manwin buying the agency are not true,” Moran said. “We have never spoken to anyone about buying the company ever.”

Moran said he has received between 30 and 40 phone calls and messages since late last week regarding the rumor.

“I started getting text messages, ‘congratulations on the sale,'” Moran said. “I thought it was pretty funny. I said, ‘congrats on the sale? What sale? Did someone buy my car?’ I had no idea where this came from about selling the company.”

A Manwin spokesperson also confirmed to XBIZ it had not acquired 101 Modeling.



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