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The Ladies on “The View” put Radical Feminist, Whoopi Goldberg, in her place on OLD MEN, TEEN GIRLS & PORN

Monica Foster commentary: If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Whoppi is recruiting for Playboy and Manwin PORN – just great – America’s daughters are in even MORE danger of entering illegal prostitution and escorting (which is the FOUNDATION of the Los Angeles porn industry – as clearly illustrated on – just goes to show…hopefully The View producers will wake up soon and tell Whoopi to move along in life (after all, I’m sure there’s a place for her over at Playboy TV since she’s oh so chummy with adult entertainment professionals).

From the desk of Diana Grandmason fka Desi Foxx & her new blog

diana grandmasonKEEPERS: The Ladies on “The View” put Radical Feminist, Whoopi Goldberg, in her place on OLD MEN and TEEN GIRLS. FAIL: Whoopi for not Protecting Her Own Gender from Perverts!!

EDITORIAL: Whoopi has been pushing porn and the pimping of teen girls and young women for far too long on “The View”. It’s the typical Radical Feminist attitude to let young females get abused in the porn industry which brings more fresh meat to the lesbian community. She FAILS to admiit the TRUTH about how perverted it is for 82 year old, Hugh Hefner, to be talking about Miley Cyrus posing in Playboy when she turned 18. Miley was only 15 when this conversation took place and they were already planning her centerfold.

the view ladies

The ladies of The View

The point is, Whoopi, is that ANYONE even thinking about someone posing nude when they are currently underage is a sick pedophile because it’s something that not up for discussion. When it comes to underage CHILDREN, it IS  a FORBIDDEN and ILLEGAL SUBJECT! The real truth though is Playboy marks who they want to take down into the dungeons of Porn Valley when these kids first hit Hollywood and the Music Industry. Read about Playboy’s “Disney Hit List“. As soon as you hit the radar in Los Angeles, you’re categorized and sent through the system chosen for you. It’s all a pimping game and the girls are always the losers!!

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