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Exclusive Interview with Lahna Turner of The Perfect 10 podcast featuring “Cooking With Pornstars”

Lahna Turner of The Perfect 10 PodcastA Monica Foster exclusive:

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lahna Turner – the female half of the dynamic comedic duo (which also features Ralphie May) of  The Perfect 10 ( – a brand new podcast available on Itunes that features a segment called Cooking With Pornstars.

Along with discussing Lahna and Ralphie’s newest podcast, Lahna also shares with Porn News Today about a porn mockumentary of which they put together which has the theme of “porn for married people with kids”.

If you’re a current or ex-pornstar who loves to show off your culinary skills seeking valid mainstream exposure, be sure to get in contact with The Perfect 10 podcast.  This podcast is definitely approved!

Follow The Perfect 10 on twitter @Perfect10Pod, Lahna on twitter: @LahnaTurner, Lahna on youtube: and Lahna on facebook:

Los Angeles, CA  — “The Perfect 10,” a top-10 iTunes podcast starring comedians, as well as husband and wife Ralphie May and Lahna Turner, is showcasing porn stars on the show. Their segment “Cooking with Porn Stars” will give listeners a look at the lives of these ladies, as well as a chance to learn about their favorite moves in the kitchen.

The first installment of “Cooking with Porn Stars” featured Joclyn Stone, the self-proclaimed “OC Milf” who spoke with Ralphie and Lahna about her background in mortgage sales, how she got into the industry at age 37, and her BDSM work. The two hosts enjoyed her signature chicken and pesto dish with pasta after their in-depth discussion about the porn business. The episode, which was the third one released, premiered on August 15, and is available for download here:

In a future episode, Ralphie and Lahna will chat with Tabitha Stevens, who has been in the industry since the mid-90s and appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show. She cooked eggplant with her favorite cheese, Polly-O.

Since participating in the first season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2003, May has proven to be one of the most prolific and relentless comics in the business. He’s produced four Comedy Central specials, “Ralphie May: Too Big To Ignore,” (2012), “Ralphie May: Austintatious” (2008), “Ralphie May: Prime Cut” (2007), and “Ralphie May: Girth of a Nation” (2006), and continues to be one of the most beloved stand up acts in America. Turner, May’s wife of seven years and a fellow comedian, is known for her hilarious songs about taboo subjects such as sex, religion, and Helen Keller. The music from her two full-length albums, “If These Lips Could Talk” and “D!@k Jokes and Other Assorted Love Songs,” has been played on Sirius Satellite Radio and National Lampoon’s Top 40 comedy countdown.

Turner and May are taking the chance to offer fans a rare glimpse into their private and professional lives like they never have before with “The Perfect 10.” In addition to “Cooking with Porn Stars,” listeners will be able to hear exclusive clips weekly from the couple that detail behind the scenes action at shows, life at home in Nashville and Los Angeles, and their rise to fame. The show, directed and produced by veteran podcaster and stand up comic Danny Lobell, features segments such as “The Redneck Report” and “Black Guys F*in Fat White Chicks,” as well as juicy tales from characters that the couple has met in their travels. “People always say that I make up the craziest stories,” says May. “The truth is, they’re not made up. The reason I can write so much is that I’m just reporting it. I just tell you what went down and how it happened.” Turner adds, “On ‘The Perfect 10,’ we’re going to find out why people are interesting. Everybody has a good story and we want to hear it.”

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