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Does Jenna Jameson likes Romney cause he’s a rich daddy?

Monica Foster commentary: Does Jenna have Daddy issues? One might say so… Does she have money issues? Maserati might say so…what do you get when you put all that together? Jenna Jameson supporting rich daddies (to ensure the existence of her future sugar daddies one might speculate) – specifically rich daddy Romney.

article courtesy AVN


In yet another slap in the face of the industry that gave her a platform to make such proclamations, former porn performer Jenna Jameson told CBS San Francisco Thursday night that she endorses Mitt Romney in this year’s presidential election.

During an appearance at the 8th anniversary celebration for gentlemen’s lounge Gold Club, Jameson commented to a CBS SF staffer, “I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

Interesting remark from a woman who, according to TMZ, has failed to make payments on her leased Maserati since January. And again, who became rich (so she would have us believe) by working in an industry her choice for president has vowed to “vigorously prosecute.”

Suppose this shouldn’t come as a shock from the same gal who uttered those words of infamy at the 2008 AVN Awards about never spreading her legs in this industry again.

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