Leilani Leeane and Lia Lor left the sinking Spiegler Girls ship for LA Direct models

leilani leeanne and lia lor 01a Monica Foster observation:

It appears that pornstars Leilani Leeane and Lia Lor have left the sinking ship of  nasty porn agent Mark Spiegler for Derek Hay of La Direct models (I guess Leilani and Lia didn’t want to end up on the secret area of Spiegler’s site: ChixPix).

Though I’m not exactly pro LA Direct I must say it’s a good move considering that La Direct is currently the lesser of 2 evils being that Mark Spiegler associates with (and possibly hires) stalkers – of which CPS has had to investigate and of which the state law enforcement and the United States FBI is currently investigating.

If there are ANY Spiegler Girls who are looking to leave Mark Spiegler, but who are being threatened or stalked, make sure you contact @DesiFoxx on twitter – she has connections who will halt such activity.

leilani leeanne and lia lor

Leilani Leeane and Lia Lor are now with La Direct Models

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