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Does Vivid celeb sextape star Kim Kardashian have a sinister plan for Paris Jackson?

Kim Kardashian, Vivid and Hirsch planning one night in parisA Monica Foster thought:

I’ve debated for a few days whether or not to touch this issue, but considering how well I know not only how the Porn and Hollywood entertainment industries work, but how the world works in general – I’ve decided to tackle this news item – not just to try to bring some awareness and insight to the Jackson clan – but to all the parents and relatives of teen girls.

I believe Kim Kardashian may directly be a strong and negative personal influence in the life of Paris Jackson (Michael Jackson’s daughter) with the sole agenda of grooming her to travel a road not to dissimilar to that of Montana Fishburne (Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter), Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and even Kim Kardashian herself (who made a sex tape with popstar Ray J). 

I will go as far as to speculate as a well informed adult entertainment industry veteran, that I believe that via Kim Kardashian’s possible social access to Paris Jackson via TJ Jackson (Michael Jackson’s children’s cousin who recently went to court for guardianship of the children), Kim Kardashian may have the intent not only to sway Paris Jackson into a music career outside of the Jackson family empire, but to metaphorically (and possibly litterally)  “pimp” her to the public via a sex tape the day that she’s of legal age to make a porn film (18 years old which is only 4 years from now).

Kim Kardashian and TJ jackson

Kim Kardashian and TJ Jackson dating. Photo courtesy - How long have the Kardashians been trying to get a piece of the Jackson empire?

I will give you my readers a quick breakdown as to how my speculation is NOT out of the realm of possibilities and why – along with some key points and questions:

  • Kim Kardashian’s “first love” and prom date was TJ Jackson…considering how since that time Kim has consistently “dated” music industry figures (currently she is with Kanye West – a man I believe would LOVE to get a piece of the Michael Jackson empire) one must wonder if Kim herself was essentially a “kept woman” for the music industry circuit (she may have even been “pimped” to certain music industry figures knowingly or unknowingly and may have turned from essentially a sex trafficking victim to a predator – it is not uncommon for a prostitute to become a madam which is a female pimp).
  • Hopefully TJ Jackson is not a KNOWING participant in this speculated “Kim Kardashian plan”, but if he is, he could stand to make quite a bit of money from assisting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the grooming and sexualization process of Paris Jackson.
  • Kim Kardashian is a HEAVY influence in the media and has many media connections…was the “Janet Jackson / Paris Jackson” confrontation (which was corrected/retracted today on pushed into the press via Kim Kardashian’s media friends? I personally think that could be the case considering how the story initially broke via TMZ (TMZ in the past could have been dubbed Kardashian Central considering how frequently Kim is promoted on that site).
  • What in the hell is with Kim Kardashian tweeting Paris Jackson? Kim is 31 years old and obviously thinks utilizing a sex tape to further your career is a good idea… Paris Jackson is only 14 and obviously looks up to Kim considering the retweet on July 18, 2012 – NOT GOOD!
  • Take a look at Paris Jackson’s twitter account photo stream @ParisJackson (fortunately it’s been cleaned up a bit) – she’s only 14 and not only does she look like she could be Kim Kardashian’s little sister…her stream is nearly indecipherable from that of several pornstars. When did this start to happen and could it be due to Kim Kardashian’s direct influence?
kim kardashian paris jackson tweets

How often is Kim Kardashian (a 31 year old sextape star) direct messaging Paris Jackson (a 14 year old girl) on twitter? NOT GOOD! Janet Jackson was RIGHT to try to take Paris Jackson's phone!

I am EXTREMELY worried about Kim Kardashian having possible direct contact in the near future with Paris Jackson via TJ Jackson.

Again I personally believe that it’s very possible that Kim Kardashian and those connected to the Kardashians who are known to consistently seek high dollar money making venues, have the agenda of separating Paris Jackson from the Jackson family to groom and cultivate negative, irresponsible, destructive and sexual behavior within her so that the day she turns 18 she will release a sex tape – which I feel most likely would be released by Vivid (a porn studio headed by Steve Hirsch) just as Kim Kardashian’s was and other daughters of celebrities such as Montana Fishburne have done.

A sex tape featuring the daughter of Michael Jackson would be the top selling porn movie of ALL TIME. I urge all the fans and friends of the Jacksons to rally in support of the Jackson family coming together and healing so that a great TRAGEDY rooted in the ultimate evil can be avoided.

I will discuss this situation in further detail this Sunday at 3pm PST on

Gladys Knight is right! Paris Jackson needs to listen to Janet Jackson and stop being a brat before Kim Kardashian convinces Paris Jackson to follow in many fallen celebrity daughter’s footsteps and ends up in Playboy and/or a Vivid Sextape!!!

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