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Monica Foster interviews Christian Pornstar Nick Manning

A Monica Foster exclusive:

monica foster interviews nick manning

***Update: Sources close to Nick Manning have disclosed that he mis-represented himself to Monica Foster and most likely in effort to gain publicity – it seems he in actuality is following Scientology as of current. Please view the most recent Monica At Home broadcast for further detail. Porn News Today & Christian Pornstar no longer endorse or have any affiliation with Nick Manning or his associates.


There really is a reason for everything…and I mean EVERYTHING!  Rather than writing this article from start to finish…I think it’s better that I write this particular piece beginning with the “conclusion”…so to start I’ll simply say: It’s a good thing that I launched and kept up with  (regardless of people calling me “crazy” for doing so).

This morning I had the opportunity to interview one of the most well known, attractive and celebrated male pornstars in the adult entertainment business – Nick Manning. I’ve been aware of Nick Manning for quite some time, but he wasn’t on my immidiate radar until a few weeks ago when I spotted a press release stating that he’d just launched his new website:

nick manning websiteTo my surprise, upon visiting Nick Manning’s new website, I noticed that not only does he have several amazing projects in the works – a documentary, a biography, a mainstream movie (Nick Manning may be one of the only pornstars that’s had mainstream roles that have not type cast him as a sex worker)…and the list goes on – but in addition to all of his projects and accomplishments he’s also a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN.

That’s right…Nick Manning is a CHRISTIAN PORNSTAR!!! (please see the update above – he misrepresented himself).

Upon my reposting Nick’s press release, his webmistress Naomi was kind enough to connect with me via twitter and clue me in on a few more upcoming surprises in the works of which I should look out for on

Well, sure enough a couple of weeks later…I was in for a VERY exciting surprise. An entire new section on has been added to the site entitled “My God”, which is all about Nick’s faith and belief in God and Jesus Christ.  Honestly, this in my view is one of the most meaningful events I’ve witnessed in adult entertainment. Why? Because Nick’s Manning’s strength in being completely open and honest in regards to his faith in God and Jesus Christ while working as a pornstar is EXACTLY what the Los Angeles porn industry (especially the talent) needs to hear about in my opinion.

nick manning runningMany pornstars, exotic dancers and webcam models have been led to feel unworthy of claiming Christianity (and often it’s been unjustifiably self rightous “Christians” who have cultivated this mindset within adult entertainers). Many adult workers have been told the only way for them to get in contact with God and Jesus is to repent. I personally feel that this ideology IS WRONG!

I’ve come to realize the trend within the porn community of feeling “unworthy” of Jesus Christ and God MUST CHANGE so that adult entertainers may begin on the path of LOVING and RESPECTING themselves far more (which is necessary due to the talent needing to receive far more respect and consideration from many who claim to speak on their behalf and who are attempting to make major decisions on their behalf). It appears that Nick Manning is leading the way in manifesting this change…I’m glad to see that someone FINALLY is bold enough to step up to the plate (isn’t it ironic it took an actual Baseball player to do it…talk about “Field Of Dreams”)!

After conveying to Naomi (Nick’s webmistress) how impressed I was with website, she connected me with Nick directly to set up an interview. I figured that Nick Manning would be one of my more interesting interviews…but frankly the word “interesting” is an understatement in regards to this particular man. Nick Manning is DYNAMIC. He is far more than a “successful pornstar”. He is what I define as a LIFE STAR!

I invite all my readers to listen to to my interview with Nick Manning – you truly are missing out if you opt not to do so. I personally view Nick Manning as being far ahead of his time. He is the future of not just adult entertainment – but entertainment in general considering his incredibly versatility. He is genuine and appears to be constantly evolving and improving.  The entire Los Angeles talent pool (male and female alike) in my opinion needs to look to Nick Manning as not only a leader but an example as well.

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