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Did Raven Alexis really fake cancer? If so, was it all in effort to attract more “Johns”?

raven alexis with the hetaera escort agency (a possible illegal prostitution ring)

a Monica Foster commentary:

Raven Alexis is a pornstar who was a Digital Playground contract star, and who later claimed to have cancer (though adult industry blog LUKEisBACK outed her as faking cancer on the posts “What ever happened to Raven Alexis” and “I’m done with Raven Alexis” ).

Ironically Raven currently is the headliner escort for The Hetaera Agency (which may be an illegal prostitution ring).

If Raven’s cancer claim truly was an orchestrated stunt to gain attention and publicity, the stunt may wind up backfiring being that now all eyes are on her and the Feds are actively cracking down on illegal prostitution rings…

the hetaera agency featuring Raven Alexis

The Hetaera Agency featuring Raven Alexis as of 06/19/2012

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