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Law of Attraction


Julie Meadows Shelley Lubben Parody - Like Attracts Like Monica Foster commentary:

What many of you porn news buffs out there don’t realize in regards to the “Shelley Lubben Saga” – is that there’s a woman who’s attempted to fade into the shadows by the stage name of Julie Meadows who was very instrumental in putting the saga’s wheels into motion – especially in regards to Michael Whiteacre’s Shelley Lubben documentary “The Devil and Shelley Lubben” .

Julie and Whiteacre worked closely on that project for MONTHS before Julie got nervous and felt the need to shift responsibility off of herself…

Back before I realized that Julie was simply a manufactured piece of plastic who recently was put through the “Refurb line” – she opened my life (and my family’s life) to quite a few stalkers who harassed and terrorized us mercilessly. Isn’t it interesting how everything Lubben is accused of doing to pornstars by Whiteacre – I can vouch Julie and her associates did to me first hand? I actually feel like I got a double helping of “Dollhouse Dysfunction” from these two refurbs…

No wonder why Michael Whiteacre loves them both so…

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