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trouble in Bollywood paradise: Sunny Leone is lacking Hindi skills, so she won’t have a voice in Jism 2

Monica Foster commentary: Looks like there’s a bit of trouble in Bollywood Paradise for Sunny Leone…of course I’m sure it’s not THAT big of a deal for this little fish out of water, but the situation sure does make me re-evaluate “The Little Mermaid”. In that Disney rendition of the fairy tale as we all know, Sebastian really primed Ariel to look GREAT for her prince…he ensured she had all the right moves (kinda like a pimp?) – Once Ariel got some legs and made it to land she had everything going for her accept for thing of course …a voice. 

sunny leone can't speak hindi

It seems according to this article that Mahesh Bhatt (the director in India who discovered miss Leone after she appeared on India’s reality show Big Boss) will have his daughter Pooja dub in her voice to replace Leone’s lack of Hindi flow…I wonder if Pooja counted on having to do all that extra work when Bhatt may have been  in talks with Hirsch to secure his current muse?

Will Sunny Leone have a happy ending or will she be thrown back into the ocean after this situation…only time will tell. Too bad for Bhatt that Bipasha Basu loves herself so much and took a stand against the Jism 2 script in regards to it requiring “so much skin”. 

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Though Sunny Leone is trying hard to brush up her Hindi but guess she has to wait a little longer to dub her own dialogues for her Bollywood flicks. Actor-turned-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, on her father Mahesh Bhatt’s suggestion, has decided to lend her voice to the adult film star for her Bollywood film debut, Jism 2.
“My father and unit members insist on using a dubbing artist with a distinct voice instead of one, who has a generic voice ,” says Pooja.

And she is super confident about this move, so without any hesitance, she says, “I think everyone would be delighted to hear about this combo. Sunny Leone’s body and Pooja Bhatt’s voice and emotional quotient. Could one ask for more?”

Apparently, Pooja also dubbed the same dialogue for the promo of the film, which Bipasha Basu already made famous with Jism, ‘Yeh jism pyaar karna nahi jaanta, jaanta hai to sirf bhukh… jism ki bhukh’. “Pooja has done an excellent job and her voice is in complete  sync with Sunny Leone’s character. So it does not look forced,” says a source.

The film’s release has been advanced to July 27 from August 3 to have a clean release.


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