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ex pornstar Kacey Jordan aka Courtney Nicole may have attempted suicide tonight

kacey jordan suicide attempt01***Update: Kacey/Courtney is doing fine. Hopefully she will get some professional help. will not do any future postings on her or any of her ventures until she does. 

A Monica Foster exclusive:

It’s just by chance I caught this video tonight. I couldn’t fall asleep so I decided to check out what people were up to on twitter and I saw this suicide attempt video that Kacey Jordan aka Courtney Nicole (@misscnicole on twitter) posted about 3 hours ago.

(The above video is a mirror of the original in the event the original is deleted.  The audio was out of sync on the original video which is on Kacey/Courtney’s twitvid account as well – click here for the link)

On the video she states she’s overdosing on Xanax, Advil PM and some pain killers. Then she states “lets watch me die”. She also states “I’ve done this before but there’s always been someone to save me”.


Kacey Jordan was cast as Cindy Brady in Will Ryder's Not the Bradys XXX

According to the video her relationship with her boyfriend just ended which I assume is what brought her to this depressed state. I don’t know her personally, nor do I know exactly where she is (she claimed in recent videos to be in Houston) so there’s no one I can directly call or notify – though I am reporting this to the Houston city police tonight (update: due to my being in a different state and not having enough location information the police told me that there’s little they can do ).

kacey jordan charlie sheen

Kacey Jordan was involved with Charlie Sheen

In the past Courtney has made quite a few disturbing twitter / twitvid videos and has posted on twitter in regards to about 2 other suicide attempts from what I can recall (please view my past blog posts on Kacey Jordan here). Many will remember Kacey / Courtney from the Charlie Sheen series of drug binges. From what I’m aware of Kacey / Courtney has worked as a pornstar and escort (most recent agencies appear to be and ). Her family appears to be aware of this.

This is a young lady I’ve always been very worried about, and I hope that this truly was an ATTEMPTED suicide rather than a SUCCESSFUL suicide. If anyone reading this is close to or cares about Kacey / Courtney – PLEASE STEP IN AND GET HER SOME HELP  since she’s unwilling to help herself and appears to live in a fantasy land.

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