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Will Ryder of All Media Play & Sitcums appears to be pushing potentially harmful synthetic drugs as bath salts to teens!

A Monica Foster exclusive:

allmediaplay is now an herbal incense megastore selling synthetic potentially harmful drugs

allmediaplay is now an herbal incense megastore selling synthetic drugs as incense and bath salts

Last week while attempting to remove my email address from the All Media Play mailing list (a porn studio which at least used to be headed by Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder) , I had my remove request bounced back to me as “undeliverable”, which prompted me to visit to try to find an “unsubscribe” link.

To my surprise, the website now forwards to something called Herbal Incense Megastore which is an online company that appears to market synthetic drugs in the legal form of “incense” and “bath salts” to consumers as young as 18 years old (consumers even younger may be able to easily purchase these products online).

Will Ryder using twitter to market incense and bath salts as synthetic drugs

Will Ryder using twitter to market incense and bath salts as synthetic drugs @CrazyClownHerb

I find it strange that neither X-Biz or AVN has reported on the dissolution of and that the SitCums websites such as still lists email addresses with this domain suffix as active…but that’s not the focus of this particular article.

What I will focus on however today is the question: Is the SYNTHETIC DRUG marketplace the “future” of the dying Los Angeles porn industry? The answer seems to be YES from what I have been able to uncover.

a few of All Media Play's websites

a few of Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen’s websites – porn, online dating & synthetic drugs…

It appears that Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen has been utilizing twitter to cross promote his synthetic drugs marketed legally as “herbal incense” and “bath salts” (of which the long term side effects are still unknown – and of which have been reported to cause serious health problems and psychotic episodes), along with his pornography (some of which pushes the concept of pedophilia via the depiction of minors in sexual situations) and his network of online dating websites (some of which appear to have fake profiles utilizing pornstars images).

all media play owns many domains which market synthetic drugs

all media play owns many domains which market synthetic drugs

Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen (and/or his company) seem to have launched a widespread internet campaign utilizing, a multitude of websites (such as and forum comment threads to market synthetic drugs – which are just as dangerous (if not more so) than LSD, Xtacy and crystal meth.

As you’ll see in the screen shots, Will Ryder Productions (Jeff Mullen) owns a multitude of domains specifically designed to glamourize the use of these substances and has even resorted to utilizing Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson’s “testimony” to promote his synthetic drugs such as Crazy Clown Herb and Bath Powder Blow (a synthetic drug of which people are encouraged to snort / enhale) to consumers (many of which may be minors).

pornstars are active on sexworld dating?

pornstars such as London Keys are active on Will Ryder’s SexWorldDating site?

A common marketing theme I’ve found within all the promotional efforts of Will Ryder / Jeff Mullen is that one can supposedly pass a drug test while utilizing their products. However, the fact is that though Herbal Incense Megastore is not selling illegal drugs, the substances they are distributing are just as (if not more so) dangerous – and are allegedly highly addictive.

I’m very concerned about this situation, because I’m starting to wonder how widely circulated within the Los Angeles porn industry these synthetic substances are.

Was the samurai sword wielding Steve Driver experimenting with synthetic herbal incense and bath salts? What about the recently departed Sledge Hammer? Considering their erratic episodes right before both of their deaths, I think it’s possible and I do hope at some point in time their toxicology reports are further examined.

Will Ryder using comment treads to market his synthetic drug incense and bathsalts

Will Ryder using comment threads to market his synthetic incense and bath salts

Many young men and women within the Los Angeles porn industry (and elsewhere) may experiment with these substances either seeking an inexpensive “high” or via having them passed off as other “genuine” illegal substances.

Again, though on the labeling of these synthetic drugs it often says “not for human consumption”, they are SPECIFICALLY MARKETED for human consumption. As of current many poison control offices country wide are aware of this issue and have issued warnings, but little has been done.

My personal fear is that being so many Los Angeles porn industry professionals are desperate to stay afloat financially, they may encourage the porn stars themselves to begin marketing these products to their fans (many of which are minors).  With so many Los Angeles porn stars such as Jenna Haze, Kristina Rose, James Deen and Skin Diamond and Marie Luv regularly tweeting and blogging constantly about their marijuana usage, I do believe they would be prime candidates to market these potentially harmful (maybe even deadly) synthetic drugs.

One of Will Ryder / All Media Play 's many herbal incense and bath salt sites cross promoting pornography

One of Will Ryder ‘s / All Media Play ‘s many herbal incense and bath salt sites cross promoting pornography

Pornography has been touted as a highly addictive psychological drug as of late, however that’s not enough for pornographers such as Will Ryder…men like him are looking to push highly addictive (and possibly deadly) chemical substances into the American society now as well.

The next time someone attached to the Los Angeles porn industry goes “postal” – I sincerely hope that their toxicology report is checked for Will Ryder’s Herbal Incense Megastore products. I wonder how many other porn studios and porn industry “professionals” are involved in selling synthetic substances…

Links to reports of health issues attached to Herbal Incense and Bath Salt (synthetic drug) use: 

charlie sheen and bree olson pushing will ryder's herbal incense and bathsalts

Are Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson really promoting Will Ryder’s herbal incense and bathsalts as synthetic drugs?

According to : ,  , and are all on the same analytics account

Charlie Sheen promoting Will Ryder Herbal Incense Megastore?

Why is Charlie Sheen promoting Will Ryder Herbal Incense Megastore and potentially harmful (maybe even fatal) synthetic drugs?

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