Whatever happened to the Blink 182 nurse Janine Lindemulder? Will the same thing happen to Kayden Kross?


box cover Digital Playground nurses 2 copied Janine Lindemulder from Blink 182

Did Digital Playground nurses 2 copy Janine Lindemulder from Blink 182 ?

Monica Foster commentary: I just have one question, why did Digital Playground pose Kayden Kross in virtually the same outfit and position as Janine Lindemulder (who was featured on the Blink 182 CD cover) for their new boxcover for Nurses 2?

Is it because they figured that particular image was already programmed into the masses minds, so it would be easier to sell their sub-par content to an already pre-conditioned audience? I’m on to you Digital Playground… 

It’ll be interesting to see if Kayden’s path parallel’s Janine’s…so far both have had serious run ins with the law…

courtesy News.com.au

SHE was the nurse that made you feel weird about… procedures.

The image of porn actress Janine Lindemulder pulling on a rubber glove on Blink 182’s 1999 Enema of the State is a strong contender for best album cover of the Nineties.

janine lindemulder

janine lindemulder Picture: MCA Records.

The suggestive pose, the revealing clothing, the simple colour scheme – white, red and blue – fired up teen imaginations.

But everything changes. The band may have complained “Nobody likes you when you’re 23” in What’s My Age Again? but the image at the bottom of the page shows that equally applies when you’re in your forties and in jail.

An arrest photo of Lindemulder from 2011 is circulating the web after a Redditor posted them online.

Lindemulder, who was once married to Sandra Bullock’s ex, was arrested on harassment charges. TMZ reported at the time that she had left “a series of ‘abusive’ phone messages” on James’ phone.

Before you get the before and after, let’s give Blink 182 the last word:

Say it ain’t so
I will not go
Turn the lights off
Carry me home


janine-lindemulder today - she really doesn't look that bad considering what she's been through


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