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Kendra: My days posing for Playboy are done

Monica Foster commentary: A good sense of timing and knowing when to call it quits is what separates winners from losers. You’re a smart and classy woman Kendra – love ya!


kendra and familyHats off to Jenny McCarthy for deciding to pose again for Playboy, but Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett says her Playboy days are over.

“Everybody has the right to live their lives, and if [McCarthy] feels sexy and hot again and wants to re-embrace that then go ahead,” Kendra recently told CNN of the media personality’s announcement that she’d strip down once again for Hugh Hefner’s magazine.

“But my days are done! Like I’m done. I’ve thrown in the towel,” she continued. “I am who I am today. I embrace the person I am today versus the person I was yesterday, and I like to move on in my life. Playboy is a great thing but sometimes I feel like some things should be better left in the past.”


And that would include sharing Playboy head honcho Hugh Hefner, as Kendra did along with Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison on the E! reality show “The Girls Next Door.”

“It was a very awkward situation because we dated the same guy, so it’s not like it was a sorority house or a sisterly bond,” Kendra recalled. “You know, it was like a different thing, so we were never even really friends to begin with. We all just kind of lived together and knew each other … but we’re different.”

Yet while she’s moved on from Playboy and sharing her significant other, the 26-year-old hasn’t moved on from reality TV. Kendra’s gone from E!’s “The Girls Next Door” to another E! show, “Kendra,” to her new series on WEtv called “Kendra On Top.”

The mom of one, who’s married to NFL player Hank Baskett, told CNN that although the cameras look invasive, life without them isn’t always as fun.

“When the cameras go away, that is when I get really nervous because I’m so used to being on camera and having people inside my house,” she explained. “It’s almost like it’s a part of me now. So just as much as I do hate it sometimes when they’re there, [sometimes] I hate it more when they are gone. I get bored. I mean, when the cameras are around it’s almost like I get this adrenaline rush and I just want to share everything [with] the world. It’s like a show-and-tell at an elementary school times like, a million. That’s what it feels like.”

The new “Kendra On Top” premieres on WEtv June 5.

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