Why did Free Speech Coalition President Diane Duke LIE about pornwikileaks?

Monica Foster commentary:When I met Diane Duke at the first performers APHSS meeting around a year or so ago (of which her assistant Joanne Cachpero attempted to have me barred from claiming that I am a “terrorist”), she specifically told me that the FSC was working on bringing the pornwikileaks issue to conclusion. I picked up a really negative and deceptive vibe from Diane but I thought to myself “Why would a woman with her credentials be anything but truthful?”

Thanks to Mike South on www.MikeSouth.com I now know I should have gone with my intuition. Diane Duke is a self serving, opportunistic LIAR and should NOT be the head of the Free Speech Coalition or ANY organization in my view. In my opinion she needs to be fully investigated and possibly do time in PRISON (who knows what else she’s been up to…). 

from the desk of Mike South on www.MikeSouth.com 

The FSC Wants A New Name

By MikeSouth
May 21st, 2012

The FSC is finally taking advice I have been giving them for a long time, they are looking to rename themselves, but renaminglies porn industry criminals themselves without revising their strategy and the way they do business won’t mean a thing.

Lukeisback recently posted from guidestar that Diane Dukes salary is 150K/year.  In general I would say that’s low for an executive director of even a relatively small non profit and I don’t deny anyone who works hard a living wage.  150K ain’t even that much in Los Angeles.

Of course that’s not the point, the point is, is she worth it?  Given the meager triumphs of the FSC (There’s been 1) since she took the position I’d say the FSC should pay more and get someone more capable.  You can bet Michael Weinstein makes more, a lot more and he is worth every dime.

Salaries, other compensation & employee benefits comes to $304,671. of which we know $150,000 was paid to Ms. Duke, where did the other 154K go?  According to Mark Kernes nobody else there gets a salary, does Diane get a bonus? For what exactly?  Or maybe it goes into the bump on a log there named Jeffery Douglas.

I spoke with Diane last week in Miami and I even found her to be likeable but the bottom line is that this isn’t a popularity contest and however nice she may seem I will always hold it against her that she tried to take credit for shutting down pornwikileaks, that was a low life, scumbag thing to do and she should have been fired for it on the spot. She still owes everyone she lied to about that an apology.

Based on conversations I had with influential people in Miami the FSC is about to be held accountable, finally.

Accountability, specially financially is something the FSC has been lacking for many years.

It’s time to start cleaning house and the FSC is a good place to start.

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