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Super Hot Tyson Beckford

Monica Foster commentary: If this isn’t an orchestrated publicity stunt by Beckford himself, then I’d have to call this situation out as being incredibly fucked up.  Tyson has managed to maintain a really stellar professional and personal image for years now, so having a sex tape attached to his persona just seems really out of character. I’m wondering who in the world out there, would have motive to screw this man over…

Don’t get me wrong, I personally would LOVE to see a clip from his alleged sextape (actually considering how it’s described, it sounds more like a webcam show)…Beckford is one of the most beautiful men alive in my opinion…

However upon thinking twice, I’m not so certain I (or any of his real admirers) REALLY want to view him “sextape” intimately, because regardless of how godly his intimate stylings may be, the fantasy would be forever ruined.  

courtesy TMZ.com

A sex tape which is said to feature male supermodel Tyson Beckford is being shopped around the adult entertainment community … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us … the seller insists the 45-minute tape shows the former Polo model pleasuring himself during a recent Internet video chat with a female model.

We’re told … during the chat session, Tyson makes references to some of the movies he’s appeared in … and talks about some of his co-stars.

Sources say Beckford also reveals one of his pet peeves — being mistaken forTyrese Gibson.

A rep for Beckford tells TMZ … the model’s camp has not seen the footage and will not release a statement until they can view the material that’s being shopped.

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