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It’s time to meet Stuart Davis and his show: Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll

stuart davis sex, god, rock 'n rollMonica Foster commentary: I first became aware of Stuart Davis on my favorite radioshow and webcast Coast To Coast AM – he was being interviewed by the show’s primary host George Noory.

I wasn’t only captivated by the thoughts and ideas Stuart conveyed about his life’s journey… I was amazed by his musical stylings as well – especially the theme of his lyrics (my favorite track of which I recently purchased on is entitled “They’re Already Here” – it’s from his album Music For Mortals).

Upon finding Stuart on twitter, I saw that he had a link to his website, which is a show on HDnet called “Sex, God, Rock n’ Roll” (


About the show (courtesy of )

Smart comedy for naughty people…

Sex, God, Rock n Roll is a ground-breaking comedy hosted by Stuart Davis and Kandyse McClure, with Peruvian siren Mariann Gavelo. Regular segments include Mariann’s seductive and hilarious segment The Sexy Word where she sensuously explores a rare English word. In SGRR News segments, Stuart and Kandyse laugh their way through stories of lust and enlightenment from around the World. In Kandyse’s legendary installments of ‘Rocktails‘, the smart and sultry fire-cracker teaches us how to make crazy cocktails inspired by Rock ‘n Roll. These drinks boast insane ingredients and unforgettable names like The Loopy Groupy, Dumb Drummer, and One-Hit Wonder. Filmed in Hollywood, Sex, God, Rock n Roll is sorta like The Daily Show meets SNL, but instead of politics, SGRR targets sex, spirit, and the entertainment biz.
Make sure to follow Stuart Davis on twitter: @stuartdavis

stuart davis music for mortals

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