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VICKI ZITO: A Mother of a Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks Out. Daughter Victimized By Society and System After Being Kidnapped and Pimped Out

vicki zitocourtesy and the desk of Desi Foxx 

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”  ~William Wilberforce~

EDITORIAL: Her daughter was taken during a trip to the store. She was pimped out and then managed to get away. She is developmentally challenged yet the police and society still stigmatized her and treated her like SHE did something wrong. Imagine how they treat my daughter and me even though they all know my daughter was 21 years old and believed their Porn Valley media hype which is what took her into the sex industries. WHY won’t our society acknowledge sex trafficking is a problem in AMERICA and the girls ARE THE REAL VICTIMS?? Because it’s the men who have all the power and influence who are buying sex with YOUR children!

It is why they took down Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Their moms were there. Hollywood doesn’t want MOMs around and Porn Valley sure didn’t want ME there!! Both of these teen stars have younger sisters who they weren’t able to pimp. Notice they kept Kim Kardashian around because we ALL know Kris Kardasian has NO PROBLEM pimping out her daughters to Playboy and whoever else wants a piece of them!!

You’ll notice that in media recently, they have begun to parade porn moms on stage trying to show that they are parents too so porn must be safe. First of all, this shows you EXACTLY how hard media is trying to push porn into your homes and to your children. They respond to everything we say about them trying to disprove THE TRUTH!! These so called “mothers” are girls who have been groomed and trained through KINK and the rest of the sex industries since they were young so nothing they say can be taken as truth. They would give their children to anyone inside Porn Valley because that is what they are brainwashed to do. They are no different than the mothers of religious cults who let the cult leaders rape, molest and marry their children. They are under the mind control of a cult. THEIR CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE!!

Lastly, toward the end of this interview, Ms. Zito talks about runaways. This is another misstated fact that the media and law enforcement hypes to pass the blame to the parents. Most runaways, and this is statistically proven, are lured from their homes by pimps pretending to be their boyfriends. Their friends will also trick them into prostitution for their own personal gain. Sure, some runaways are abused at home and that’s what they are trying to escape. But there’s a whole group of teens  and college age girls who are getting lured from good homes with fraudulent modeling and acting jobs and by pimps romancing and grooming YOUR daughters!!

God Bless the Zito Family for Standing up against these Criminals, our unjust Judicial System and a hypocritical Society that worships Porn Valley but stigmatizes the victims who end up there. May our Society wake up and see the truth before they pay the price with their own child’s innocence. God Help Us ALL!!



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