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Tyler Nixon – Pornstar or Venice Beach Homeless Guy? I’m not sure, but he’s hotter than James Deen

A Monica Foster thought:

While I was scouting the porn agency talent rosters last week, I noticed this guy – his name is Tyler Nixon.

Being the baby cougar in heat that I am, I immediately bounced over to the Pamela Peaks escort website to see if he was available for a “private”.  Unfortunately I found myself disappointed – he’s not (unlike James Deen who’s probably been whoring from coast to coast since his feature on 20/20).

Anyways I like this youngster – he has a refreshing “Noxema Clean” look to him. Now of course, when he shows up for a shoot, he’ll probably be barefoot and without a shirt, because generally that’s how the Venice Beach homeless kids roll – but as long as you have some wardrobe in stock I’m sure he’s usable.  If he ever does decide to make himself available for privates, I’ll book him for the night and take him shopping at Old Navy so that he’s presentable for our outing to Olive Garden later that evening.

Someone please promote this one – if I have to see James Deen’s face on the front page of AVN one more time I’m going to puke – HE IS NOT HOT. Deen is not even cute – he looks like the life has been sucked out of him. Guys like Tyler Nixon are what women like to see. Either him or that little piece of white chocolate Xander Corvus…

I WOULD HAVE done a piece on Xander Corvus, but his whole “I’m a Satanist and down with Aleister Crowley” routine is far too negative (and scary – I don’t need any real life “Twilight” in my sphere of reality).

If you want to book Tyler Nixon – just visit and click on “male talent”.


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