Obama_Jimmy_fallonMonica Foster commentary: OK so you’ve fired them…now what? When are you going to acknowledge the criminal and unethical activity of the Los Angeles porn industry? I threw you a bone by not portraying your wife in a xxx parody…I’m waiting….

courtesy TMZ.com

Jimmy Fallon got one hell of an exclusive out of Barack Obama on his talk show last night … he got the POTUS to finally open up about the “knuckleheads” he 86’d in the wake of the Secret Service hooker scandal.

Obama told Fallon … “The Secret Service guys are incredible … they protect me, they protect Michelle, they protect our girls, they protect our officials all around the world.”

“99.9% of them, every day, they’re putting their life on the line, they do a great job. So, a couple of knuckleheads shouldn’t detract from what they do.”

“What these guys were thinking? I don’t know” … Obama said … adding, “That’s why they’re not there anymore.”

Obama didn’t just talk politics … he also SANG politics … in Fallon’s, “Slow Jam the News” segment … pretty awesome.

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