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It appears Jules Jordan is not obeying the Los Angeles condom mandates and laws!

Monica Foster commentary: You would think that industry veteran and studio owner Jules Jordan would understand that the new Los Angeles porn industry condom mandates and laws are now in FULL EFFECT. He’s had PLENTY of time to familiarize himself with the new rules and regulations. For Jules Jordan to not properly utilize barrier protection (a condom) and get SPERM into the eye of pornstar Skin Diamond is beyond irresponsible in my view and causes me to question whether or not Jules Jordan should even be a studio owner at this stage…


EDITORIAL: Skin Diamond ended up on my desk again when Jules Jordan tweeted that he was going to do Skin in the butt the next day. These guys are ever so diligent about making sure EVERY SINGLE GIRL gives up their ass as part of the deal to work in Porn Valley. Monica thought it fitting that Jules get some of the same treatment in her “toon” below. I told her he’d probably enjoy it too much since all the males in Porn Valley seem to really be closet gays lol!

When we were researching how she fared doing anal with Jules (YUCK!!), we came across her Twitter account and if you read through, you will see it doesn’t appear to have gone well. Looks like she may be making a change in her life. I sure hope it’s a positive one!

IMPORTANT: Look at her tweets where she talks about having sperm in her eyes. This is a clear violation of the condom regulations. We will be forwarding this information to the proper authorities for further investigation and possible legal action.

We then found her blog entry from February when she did a BDSM shoot for Kink. Imagine my surprise when I saw who was her master. And check out the photos of bruises Skin proudly displays on her blog site in the same way gang members show off their badges earned from getting initiated into the gang. SAME PROCESS!!

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