Steve Hirsch claims women “control the adult business” but Joslyn James claims she has no control in regards to her new Vivid release

A Monica Foster editorial:

Today Vivid will be releasing “Three Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World’s Greatest Golfer” – a pornographic movie featuring 3 of Tiger Wood’s alleged mistresses: Joslyn James, Devon James, and Holly Sampson. As of current according to (as reported by the film’s makers are being rebuked for attempting to profit from the golfer’s fame.

Joslyn James in particular seems upset in regards to the criticism she’s receiving for being in the film…

Quote from

Joslyn James also commented on the controversy surrounding the scandal, blaming the timing on Vivid, and clearly concerned about the backlash coming from outlets like CBS, Fox Sports, and the general public.

“A lot of this stuff had died down, and now Vivid is returning to it. I get upset when people think this was my idea or I’m a ringleader. This is all Vivid,” said Joslyn.

What I find odd about Joslyn’s statement is that just recently on March 27th, 2012 Steve Hirsch (the owner of the porn studio Vivid, which is releasing “Three Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World’s Greatest Golfer”) went on record via the Huffington Post stating the following in regards to Rick Santorum’s stance on pornography:

“Women increasingly control the adult business. There are many women who own adult companies. Women decide which movies they want to perform in, what scenes they are comfortable with and who their partners will be. No woman is forced to act in an adult film; they do so of their own free will.”

Click to enlarge – press release in regards to Joslyn James &
her relationship with celebrity mistress agent Gina Rodriguez.

In this situation it appears that Joslyn James (who in the past appears to have worked with Gina Rodriguez who specializes in the “celebrity mistress” market) feels she has no control in regards to this Vivid release which completely contradicts Steve Hirsch’s claim of women increasingly controlling the adult industry.

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