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Looks like Jenna Jameson is single again!

from – At Perez Hilton’s Mad Hatter birthday bash at Siren Studios in Hollywood, reporters caught up with Jenna Jameson. The mother of twin boys dished on how she stays in shape as well as trying to find an honest guy.

First things first, Jenna told OK! she stays in fabulous shape by working. That’s it, no killer workouts, no secrets, just good old-fashioned work. “Wow, um, yeah, that’s it. Just working.” Instead of working out more she added, “I just work hard.”

Jenna, whose boys are now 3, is currently single. She said she looks for honesty in a man, which has been a problem in the past.

Jenna told reporters, “Yeah, I think when it comes to men… they just lie. Boys lie. I’m sorry, boys lie.”

While it sounds like her singleton status is somewhat recent, the former star of the adult industry relies on herself to get through tough times. “Yeah, I think women just need to like rely on themselves and just be strong.”

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